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    If you are injured on the job or diagnosed with a work-related illness, the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act ensures you can get benefits. With very few exceptions, workers in Pennsylvania are covered by employer-paid workers’ compensation insurance, as mandated by the Act.

    If you are injured in a workplace accident or suffer an illness due to your work duties, you can report the injury or illness to your employer, and your employer can file a First Report of Injury (FROI) with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

    Where Can I Find Workers’ Compensation Help in Pennsylvania?

    While some workers report their work injury and start getting workers’ compensation benefits, some find they need help with the process. There are a few ways you can get help. Frommer D’Amico has free resources you can peruse at any time to get the facts about your rights. If you encounter a problem, it’s also important to consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Pennsylvania to ensure you get personalized help and representation.

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    Not all Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyers are equal. You want a legal professional who is experienced in workers’ compensation cases and local to your area so that you can easily contact them when you have concerns.

    Frommer D’Amico attorneys are all certified workers’ comp experts with decades of combined experience. Our attorneys only represent injured workers in workers’ compensation cases. We never represent insurance companies or take on other types of claims. Since Frommer D’Amico understands it’s crucial to have a local attorney by your side, we’re not only willing to travel to meet with you, but we also have local attorneys to help you with your workers’ comp case in:

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        Apologies, but we practice law in Pennsylvania only. Since you were not injured in Pennsylvania, we cannot offer advice and you should contact an attorney in your State. Best wishes.

        Please ensure your contact information is correct so our attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve!

        Our attorneys have handled thousands of cases successfully and have recovered more than $50 million in settlements for injured workers. We understand the latest developments in workers’ compensation claims because this is the one area of the law we specialize in. Our job is simple: To get you benefits so you and your family can enjoy a little peace of mind.

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        Will I Need to Travel to My Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

        My Comp Lawyers attorneys understand your injury or work-related illness may make travel difficult. It’s why we are available by phone and even have a number you can contact in an emergency: 717-400-1000. After hours, we allow you to call an attorney directly. If you cannot travel to meet an attorney at the My Comp Lawyers offices, we’re willing to travel to your town or city to meet with you.

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        If you need workers’ compensation attorneys in Pennsylvania, contact My Comp Lawyers. Our attorneys are certified workers’ compensation specialists who have decades of experience and have already helped many injured workers across the state. We’re willing to travel to meet with you, and we offer personalized advice and representation. Your concerns are our concerns, so our Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyers are willing to help with late checks, unpaid medical bills, major litigation and more.

        My Comp Lawyers offers free consultations, and we also provide free case management, which saves you potentially thousands of dollars, allowing you to keep more of your benefits for bills and needs. If you’re looking for Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys, contact My Comp Lawyers, or call 717-400-1000 for a free consultation.

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