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At My Comp Lawyers, we handle workers’ compensation cases from Allentown to York and surrounding areas. Our team ensures a local focus because we know you need to be able to contact your workers’ compensation attorney readily. Let us help you handle the unique needs of your case, no matter which Pennsylvania community you live in.

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 Your Allentown Workers’ Compensation Case

Allentown’s economy relies on manufacturers to run. With manufacturing comes work-related injuries. Unfortunately, many of Allentown’s injured workers have experienced rejected workers’ comp claims or they have received only a tiny fraction of the money they need to pay for their expenses. If your health is already affected by an on-the-job injury, you don’t deserve that. If you are located in the Allentown area our workers’ comp lawyers will travel to you to get you the help you deserve!

Your Altoona Workers’ Compensation Case

There are many industries and workplaces in Altoona, and while most employers in the community take good care of their workers, job accidents can and do happen every year. If you’ve been injured on the job, you may be worried about how you’re going to replace your income or how you’re going to pay your medical bills. How will you support your family? What are your prospects for the future?

If you have been injured, workers’ compensation can help pay for some of your immediate costs. Your employer pays workers’ compensation insurance coverage for you if you are a traditional part-time or full-time worker. Even though you’re supposed to get benefits if you’re injured on the job, many people with legitimate claims in Altoona find their applications rejected or delayed. Our team of workers’ compensation specialist can help secure the benefits you deserve!

Your Bethlehem Workers’ Compensation Case

If you’re a Bethlehem resident who needs help from a workers’ compensation lawyer, call a certified attorney at My Comp Lawyers. As one of the few state-certified workers’ compensation specialists in Pennsylvania, My Comp Lawyers is prepared to provide you with the experienced, personal attention you deserve. Get direct access to a partner — days, nights and weekends. When it comes to outstanding case management practices, Frommer, D’Amico and Anderson is the workers’ compensation lawyer Bethlehem trusts!

Your Carlisle Workers’ Compensation Case

In Pennsylvania in 2014, 177,316 workers were injured and 75 were killed in workers’ compensation reported incidents. Cumberland County, home of Carlisle, saw its fair share of the injuries – with 2,477 injured that year in the county alone. Of course, the numbers only tell part of the story. Behind each workplace, injury and each workplace fatality is an injured worker or devastated family worried about the future.

On-the-job injuries can have a devastating impact on families. The healing process can be time-consuming, difficult, confusing, painful and expensive. Visiting multiple doctors, adapting to new treatments and worrying about losing time at work can all take their toll. It’s not unusual for injured workers to experience sleep disturbances, depression and mood swings as they deal with the aftermath of an accident. Don’t suffer financially from a work injury, let our team help you with our free case management!

Your Chambersburg Workers’ Compensation Case

Chambersburg is known for its agricultural jobs, retail sector, and great small-town living. If you’ve been hurt on the job, however, it can be difficult to enjoy the Cardinals semi-pro football team, the local mall or much of anything. You may be in pain and you may be worried where you’ll get the money to pay for your bills, your medical care and everything else you and your family need.

For most workers, workers’ compensation is meant to replace some lost income and help you pay for medical and other costs during the recovery period. If you need a Chambersburg workers’ compensation lawyer to help you get benefits, contact My Comp Lawyers!

Your Chester Workers’ Compensation Case

Have you sustained an on-the-job injury and encountered difficulty with your claim, payment or attorney? We know how frustrating it is to have trouble with claims and payments. Call My Comp Lawyers, the Chester workers’ compensation lawyer that’s state-certified. All of our specialists only do workers’ compensation law, and our experienced attorneys have secured over $50 million in settlements. Call us for a complimentary consultation and let us help you get the settlement you deserve.

Your Easton Workers’ Compensation Case

When you sustain an injury at work, you count on workers’ compensation to stay afloat. If you’re experiencing trouble with your workers’ compensation claim, call My Comp Lawyers. We’ve helped Easton’s workers secure the payments they deserve. As one of Easton’s few state-certified workers’ compensation lawyers, Frommer, D’Amico and Anderson provide knowledgeable and experienced legal services. We have recovered $50 million for our clients and counting. Ask us about your workers’ compensation claim for free and get the representation you deserve!

Your Gettysburg Workers’ Compensation Case

If you’re injured on the job in Gettysburg or the surrounding Pennsylvania area, you quickly find out being injured is almost as much work as going to your job every day. There’s a lot to do in order to apply for workers’ compensation and keep receiving benefits.

You may have to keep going back to medical appointments and appointments with specialists. You may have to deal with insurance adjusters, fill out tons of paperwork, and try to determine which government programs you are eligible for when seeking benefits. You may need to find alternative medical insurance from the Affordable Care Act. There may be nurse case managers to deal with, vocational experts, pharmacists and other parties involved in your case.

Worse, some injured workers in Gettysburg end up being made to feel as though they are not heard. Representatives for the insurance company may claim the worker isn’t as injured as they claim or they may try to insist the worker is well enough to head back to their job. Don’t let insurance companies push you around, get help from My Comp Lawyers!

Your Lancaster Workers’ Compensation Case

Lancaster is filled with hard-working Pennsylvania residents. You’re probably one of them. Every day, you go to work and contribute your energy, time, skills and talents to help your employer grow its business. When you’re injured, workers’ compensation is supposed to help you pay for your bills and costs while you get better. Unfortunately, many workers find they may need a workers’ compensation lawyer in Lancaster to get the benefits they are entitled to.

At My Comp Lawyers, we know you have lots of options when it comes to finding a Lancaster workers’ compensation lawyer and it can be hard to compare different legal professionals, especially if you’re not a legal professional yourself.

At My Comp Lawyers, we compete where it matters: With the results we can get for you. Contact us today to get great results and free case management!

Your Lebanon Workers’ Compensation Case

If you need a Lebanon workers’ compensation lawyer because you’ve been injured on the job, you need to consider attorney fees. That’s because those fees are going to be reducing whatever benefits you get from workers’ compensation. When attorneys take the time to keep their fees reasonable and low, you get to enjoy more of your benefits so you can pay your bills with greater ease.

The problem: Many attorneys offer a free consultation to get you into their doors, and then end up charging you a lot in attorney fees. If you’ve been injured at work in Lebanon and need a workers’ compensation attorney, contact us to save thousands in fees.

Your Lewistown Workers’ Compensation Case

Sustaining an on-the-job injury in Lewistown or your community is frustrating, but securing your workers’ compensation payment can be even more frustrating. When getting the payments you deserve seems impossible, contact My Comp Lawyers. At Frommer, D’Amico and Anderson, our state-certified attorneys provide experienced, caring representation to injured workers in the Lewistown region.

Your Norristown Workers’ Compensation Case

If you need a Norristown workers’ compensation lawyer and you’re not sure where to turn, call My Comp Lawyers. Frommer, D’Amico and Anderson is one of the few Pennsylvania law firms that can say each of its attorneys is certified by the state as workers’ compensation experts and specializes in workers’ compensation claims — it’s the only kind of law we practice. We’ve collected over $50 million in settlements for our central and eastern PA clients. With unparalleled experience and caring, personal attention, you’ll get the outcome you deserve with My Comp Lawyers.

Our attorneys have handled thousands of cases successfully and have recovered more than $50 million in settlements for injured workers. We understand the latest developments in workers’ compensation claims because this is the one area of the law we specialize in. Our job is simple: To get you benefits so you and your family can enjoy a little peace of mind.

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Your Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Case

No one wants to be injured at their Philadelphia job. Few things in life are as stressful. After a serious on-the-job injury, you may be facing many doctors’ visits, considerable pain and suffering, and all the complications an injury can bring to your health. In addition, you may be getting huge medical bills or may fall behind on your bills. After working hard and contributing to your employers’ profits with your talents and your energy, you deserve better.

At My Comp Lawyers, our certified workers’ compensation specialists understand the devastating losses common with workplace injuries. If you need to hire a Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer to get the best chance of getting fair compensation and benefits for your injuries, contact us.

Your Reading Workers’ Compensation Case

State-certified, industry-specialized expertise. Free case management and associated costs. Direct access to your personal attorney when you need it — days, nights and weekends. If you’ve been injured on the job and you need a workers’ compensation lawyer in Reading who cares about your needs, call My Comp Lawyers. At Frommer, D’Amico and Anderson, we’re proud to be one of the few workers’ compensation law firms in Pennsylvania whose entire staff of attorneys is made up of certified workers’ comp specialists.

Your Scranton Workers’ Compensation Case

If you need a workers’ compensation lawyer in Scranton, chances are you may be at a stressful point in your life. No one wants to be injured at work, and workplace injuries can be distressing. You may be worried about paying the bills, returning to work, or even your future career prospects. In addition, you may be facing considerable pain or discomfort and complicated medical treatment because of your injury.

At My Comp Lawyers, we understand how devastating a serious injury can be because we work with workers’ compensation cases exclusively. Our team of Scranton workers’ compensation lawyers deals with people who have been seriously injured or have even had career-ending workplace injuries. Our goal in each case is to help our clients recover the fair compensation they deserve.

With the right compensation, our clients can pay for excellent medical care, pay their bills, and start rebuilding their lives. Get the right compensation by contacting us today!

Your Shippensburg Workers’ Compensation Case

Although Shippensburg is a small town of under 6000, it has a rich work and labor history. Some of the oldest manufacturing companies in the country — companies like Beistle Company — call Shippensburg home, and there are many jobs in the area in manufacturing, education, healthcare and other sectors.

When they’re injured on the job, the hard-working citizens of Shippensburg deserve support and help. Unfortunately, they don’t always get it. While most workers in Shippensburg are covered by workers’ compensation insurance paid for by their employers, this insurance isn’t automatic.

In many cases, workers come to see a Shippensburg workers’ compensation lawyer at My Comp Lawyers because their claim has been denied, their benefits are late or they run into other problems when seeking their rightful benefits. If you live in the Shippensburg area and have experienced worker’s compensation problems. Contact us today!

Your State College Workers’ Compensation Case

If you were injured on the job in State College and you need a workers’ compensation lawyer, call My Comp Lawyers. Our certified workers’ compensation lawyers serve injured employees in the State College region with personal attention and expert claims management services. Make My Comp Lawyers your comp lawyers and find out why our caring, reliable approach makes us the best workers’ compensation resource in Pennsylvania!

Your Sunbury Workers’ Compensation Case

At My Comp Lawyers, we understand how frustrating it is to sustain an on-the-job injury in Sunbury and then have trouble collecting workers’ compensation benefits. Frommer, D’Amico and Anderson are Sunbury’s leading workers’ compensation lawyer because our state-certified attorneys provide hardworking people like you with outstanding advice and personal attention. Pennsylvania has thousands of workers’ compensation attorneys — but only a select few are state-certified specialists in workers’ comp law. Isn’t it time you hired the representation you deserve?

Make My Comp Lawyers Your Comp Lawyer.

Your Wilkes-Barre Workers’ Compensation Case

If you need a Wilkes-Barre workers’ compensation lawyer to serve you as you pursue compensation for your workplace injuries, you need someone who will get the job done while also reducing your stress levels. As an injured worker, you already have enough worries. You may feel anxious because of the pain you may be experiencing, and you may be worried about paying your bills. You might also be concerned about how well your injury will heal or be afraid of what will happen to your family if your injuries are too severe to return to work in full-capacity.

A workers’ compensation lawyer in Wilkes-Barre understands. The attorneys at My Comp Lawyers have close to a century of combined experience and a history of getting compensation on behalf of clients. If you live in or around the Wilkes-Barre area are certified worker’s comp specialist can help get you the help you deserve.

Your Williamsport Workers’ Compensation Case

If you commute to work in Williamsport or live and work in the community, you’re protected by workers’ compensation laws. If you are injured on the job in any industry or in any part-time or full-time position, workers’ compensation is supposed to protect you. You don’t even have to pay for it. Your employer is supposed to pay for your insurance coverage so you can get money to pay for your lost wages, your medical expenses, your bills and everything else if you’re injured.

Here’s the problem:

  • In many cases, people with legitimate workers’ compensation claims get denied the benefits they rightly deserve.
  • In some cases, workers in Williamsport are accused of faking an injury or of submitting a fraudulent or exaggerated claim.
  • In other cases, people get less than they deserve or their benefits are delayed.

Working with a Williamsport workers’ compensation lawyer is an important way to protect your workers’ compensation rights and get benefits to help you and your family as you recover from your injuries. Contact us today to protect your rights as an injured worker!

Your York Workers’ Compensation Case

People usually turn to a York workers’ compensation lawyer at very emotional times in their lives. Perhaps they have been rejected for workers’ compensation after a workplace injury and now have no income coming in and no way to pay the bills. Or maybe a worker in York is already getting workers’ compensation but something threatens their source of income, leaving the person unable to provide for their family.

These are devastating situations, something no one should have to go through. In these cases, My Comp Lawyers may be able to help. We are a group of certified workers’ compensation specialists. We specialize in this one area of law, and we have a proven track record of helping York workers just like you get benefits for their injuries. Contact us today to get the help you deserve!