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    Amount AwardedInjury LocationOccupation
    $4,100,000Leg Contusion / Infection / Blood DisorderPress Operator
    $1,550,000Back & LegsTrash Collector
    $439,677Lower Back General Laborer
    $344,000Lower Back & Neck Nursing Assistant
    $225,000Neck Collision Repairman
    $220,000Lower Back Plumber
    $210,000Lower Back Heating Technician
    $210,000Neck & Back Insurance Adjuster
    $210,000ShoulderDelivery Driver
    $206,000Neck Truck Driver
    $175,000Lower Back Truck Driver
    $175,000Wrist Construction Worker
    $175,000Knee TV Repairman
    $170,000NeckTruck Driver
    $163,500Lower BackHVAC Worker
    $152,000Shoulder Truck Driver
    $145,000Shoulder Bus Mechanic
    $143,000Neck Truck Driver
    $135,000ShoulderTruck Driver
    $132,000Neck & ScarMRI Technician
    $130,000Lower Back Mechanic
    $125,000Knee Mechanic
    $120,000DermatitisDentral Hygienist
    $117,000Lower BackAssembler
    $110,000Arm & WristDock Worker
    $100,000HandMachine Operator
    $100,000ShoulderComputer Technician
    $105,000AnkleCorrection Officer
    $95,000ShoulderGrocery Store Clerk
    $92,500AnkleMaintenance Worker
    $90,000Leg ContusionPipe Fitter
    $90,000Lower BackCarpet Installer
    $90,000Hearing ImpairmentEngineer
    $90,000Neck & Back Care Assistant
    $89,000Eye Laborer
    $87,500Lower BackMachine Operator
    $85,000Lower BackLaborer
    $85,000Lower BackSale Representative
    $85,000Neck & Arm HVAC Worker
    $85,000Lower Back Hotel Worker
    $83,000Shoulder Maintenance Worker
    $81,950Facial Scar Utility Lineman
    $77,000Lower Back Forklift Operator
    $76,000Knee Home Nurse
    $75,500ShoulderTruck Driver
    $75,000Knee Insulation Installer
    $72,500Lower Back Delivery Driver
    $68,500Neck Delivery Driver
    $65,000Lower Back Nursing Assistant
    $50,000Neck Machine Operator
    $55,000Lower Back Housekeeping
    $55,000ShoulderNursing Assistant
    $54,000Lower Back Machine Operator
    $52,000Lower Back Warehouse Worker
    $50,000Hand & Facial ScarDollar Store Employee

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