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    If you’ve been injured during your work duties in Norristown or anywhere in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, contact Frommer D’Amico for a free consultation, or call us at 717-400-1000. While many injured workers think getting benefits is an easy process, it can be more complicated than you would expect.

    A Norristown workers’ compensation lawyer with Frommer D’Amico can answer your questions, help you navigate the legal process and explain your choices so you understand them. Whether your case is non-traditional and you’re worried about your ability to secure workers’ compensation benefits, your claim has already been denied or you’re having trouble securing your rightful benefits, contact Frommer D’Amico today.

    What Do I Need to Know About Workers’ Comp Law in Norristown PA?

    In Pennsylvania, employers are required by law to pay for workers’ comp coverage for the vast majority of their employees, including seasonal and part-time workers. Only a few classes of employees are exempt. If you are injured, it is important to report your injury right away, even if it does not seem serious. Your employer will start the paperwork for you.

    If you are injured and need to see a doctor, you may need to see an employer-approved health care provider for the first 90 days of treatment, but only if your employer has made a list of at least six approved doctors available in a public spot in your place of work. After the first 90 days, you can see any doctor you wish for treatment — including your regular physician — and it is to be covered by your workers’ comp medical benefits.

    What Do I Need to Know About Workers’ Comp Help in Norristown, PA?

    Not all help is the same, and not all law firms offer the same services and legal representation. It’s important to seek a workers’ compensation law firm local to the Norristown, PA, area so you can easily visit your attorneys and reach them when you need to. Frommer D’Amico makes accessibility even easier by going out to meet you in your home or hospital room if you cannot travel.

    It is also essential to work with Norristown workers’ compensation lawyers who have extensive experience in these types of cases. This is where Frommer D’Amico excels. Our attorneys are certified workers’ compensation experts who have helped clients secure more than $50 million in workers’ compensation settlements. We only take on workers’ comp cases, and we only represent injured workers — never insurers or employers. Since our entire focus is on injured worker cases, we have the resources and experience to help you.

    Frommer D’Amico also offers free consultations and will even travel to see you if you cannot make it to our office to meet with an attorney. Unlike most firms, we do not charge case management fees, which can save you thousands of dollars.

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    If you need to speak to a Norristown workers’ compensation attorney, contact Frommer D’Amico or call us at 717-400-1000 to schedule a free consultation.


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