Cleaning professionals face daily on-the-job hazards that can lead to often-serious injuries. The cleaning products they use include chemicals that become toxic with frequent exposure. Wet floors result in slip-and-trip accidents. The repetitive motions required to clean an office, store or home can lead to repetitive stress injuries.

    When you get injured on the job, you may worry about how you will pay your bills or take care of your family if you have to miss a lot of work time. Workers’ compensation can cover a portion of your wages and your medical bills if you suffered your injury while working. You do not have to be injured at your workplace to receive these benefits. You are eligible for any job-related injuries, even if they happen at a place where you are cleaning and not your company office.

    Hurt on the Job Working for Your Cleaning Service?

    Cleaning professionals perform many duties that can lead to injury. They may have to move heavy objects to access places that need to be cleaned, such as pushing around furniture to vacuum. Some of the most common injuries we see for cleaning professionals include:

    • Back injuries from lifting or moving heavy things
    • Exposure to dangerous substances such as asbestos
    • Trip-and-fall injuries
    • Electrocution

    This is just a sampling. Many more injuries can occur on the job and also while traveling to a job in a vehicle. If you get injured while working for a cleaning service, you should inform your employer immediately and seek medical attention.

    Challenges to Securing Workers’ Compensation for a Cleaning Job Injury

    Cleaning professionals often work out of the office, traveling to different places to assist. Many cleaning professionals mistakenly believe they are not covered by workers’ compensation because they do not work in a traditional office environment. Employers must offer workers’ comp to full- and part-time employees and seasonal employees, even if they do not come into the office.

    Another hurdle to securing benefits is that insurance companies don’t want to pay them. They will search for reasons to reject claims, such as seeking out your posts on social media that suggest an injury is not as serious as you say it is. A knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney knows the tricks these companies use and can help you with your claim.

    Contact Our Attorneys About Your Housekeeping Job Injury

    You do not have to feel isolated through the process of pursuing your workers’ compensation claim. Let the lawyers at Frommer D’Amico assist you. We have aided many hard-working cleaning professionals and others just like you in securing the benefits they deserve. We understand how to deal with employers and insurance companies because we only handle workers’ compensation cases. We also only work with employees.

    If you feel frustrated and alone throughout this process, that is understandable. Tell us about the unique details of your case and allow us to fight for you. We can come to your location for meetings, and we offer lower fees than other firms. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation. Reach out online or call 717-400-1000.

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