Businesses depend on loading dock workers to get their products from place to place. Goods are unloaded and loaded at a rapid pace on loading docks, a place on the commercial or industrial building where trucks park to empty or add a load.

    Loading dock work requires a lot of precision. Workers may approach with forklifts to get things on or off the truck, and often employees carry very heavy merchandise or products. On-the-job injuries happen even when safety precautions are in place.

    Are you a loading dock worker who has been injured on the job? Then you may be worried about providing for your family during this difficult time. You may qualify for assistance in the form of workers’ compensation, which pays you some of your regular wages and covers medical bills.

    The Most Common Loading Dock Injuries

    Even when you follow proper safety guidelines, you may suffer an injury while working on a loading dock. Truck lifts may roll off the loading dock, or equipment can malfunction. A trucker may leave early due to miscommunication, leading to a forklift accident. Trailers may upend. Workers can slip and fall while moving on the docks.

    Some of the most common injuries suffered on the job by loading dock workers include:

    • Crushed limbs
    • Back pain from lifting
    • Broken bones
    • Concussions

    Can I Get Compensation for a Loading Dock Injury?

    Yes, you can if it happens on the job. Under Pennsylvania law, all part- and full-time workers are eligible to receive workers’ comp benefits when they sustain a job-related injury. To file for benefits, you need to follow the correct procedures:

    • Tell your employer about the injury as soon as possible so that the company has a record of when it occurred
    • Seek treatment from a medical professional
    • File for workers’ comp benefits

    Once you have made an initial application, you will hear back about the status of your request. Your employer’s insurance company may fight your claim — they may claim your injury did not take place on the job or even that you are faking.

    This approach is fairly common and sometimes effective. Too many workers don’t have the energy to fight their employer’s claim while undergoing treatment for their medical ailment. But you should get the money you are owed.

    Consult a PA Workers’ Comp Lawyer for Your Loading Dock Injury

    If you have been injured in a loading dock accident, you may want to pursue workers’ comp benefits. To ensure you get the most favorable outcome in your case, especially if your request has already been rejected, you need to talk with an experienced lawyer.

    Our firm specializes in workers’ compensation cases. We only represent employees, and we charge lower fees. Navigating workers’ compensation laws can be confusing. You need an experienced lawyer to steer you toward the best outcome. Contact us today to set up a free initial consultation — reach out online or call 717-400-1000.

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