Scranton PA Workers Compensation Attorneys for Injured Workers

    Whether you’ve been seriously injured at work or have sustained what you believe is a minor injury, it’s important to take your health and workers’ compensation benefits seriously. Even a seemingly minor injury can keep you from work for weeks or months. In some cases, it can be more severe than you initially thought or make you susceptible to re-injury.

    A work injury can impact your ability to make a living and pay your bills, which is why you’ll want to contact a Scranton workers’ compensation attorney quickly if anything goes awry with your claim. Whether your request has been denied, your benefits seem low or any other issues arise, you can always contact Frommer D’Amico online for a free consultation. You can also call us at 717-400-1000.

    When Should You Call a Scranton, PA Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

    You will want legal representation if:

    • Your employer denies your claim or has not covered you
    • Your wage benefits seem low for what you have earned
    • Your benefit checks are late
    • You have a more complicated claim
    • There are any delays
    • You have any questions

    Talking to a Scranton workers’ compensation attorney costs nothing with Frommer D’Amico, so it’s best to get the facts before you make any decisions about your claim.

    Why Work With Frommer D’Amico?

    If you need a workers’ comp lawyer in Scranton, PA, reach out to Frommer D’Amico. Our firm is based only on workers’ compensation cases, and we only represent injured workers. Our focus is not divided among several practice areas or types of clients — we handle one type of case so we can guarantee we’ll do it better than anyone else. In fact, Frommer D’Amico has already recovered more than $50 million on behalf of injured workers.

    Frommer D’Amico attorneys are all certified workers’ comp specialists. They are also caring individuals who have dedicated themselves to helping injured employees. In fact, they’ll even drive out to see you if you cannot make it to our offices. Since Frommer D’Amico understands the financial pressure of a work injury, we do not charge case management fees and also offer free consultations. The savings of case management fees alone can add up to thousands of dollars.

    When you contact us, a Scranton workers compensation lawyer will handle your case, and you are not passed around to other members of the firm. You’ll hear from us about the facts and updates of your case, and you can reach us when you need to. As a local law firm, we make it easy to contact us, are familiar with local resources and understand the local justice system, so we can put our knowledge of the Scranton area to work for you.

    Get Workers Comp Help

    If you’re looking for the services of a Scranton workers’ compensation lawyer, contact Frommer D’Amico online for a free consultation, or reach out to us by phone at 717-400-1000. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a group of attorneys as caring and specialized as ours.


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