Free Workers Compensation Case Management 

    Sometimes you just need a little help. Unlike other injury law firms, Frommer D’Amico provides FREE case management services. If you have questions, need our advice on how to navigate the system or want our help managing your claim actively or confidentially, there is no fee. Our no fee service includes prosecuting Late Check Penalty Petitions, Unpaid Prescription Penalty Petitions, Review of Injury Description Petitions, and Review of Utilization Review Determination Petitions. 

    What Costs Will I Pay During My Case?

    The simple answer in $0. Legal costs are paid to obtain medical records and transcripts. These costs are usually for items that range from $50 to $250.  The biggest cost is paying doctors for their time to testify.  The cost of a doctor’s deposition ranges from $1,500 to $5,000. Frommer D’Amico will pay for the legal costs. So, if your doctor wants $3,000 to testify we pay it. Compare that to other firms, we put our money where our mouth is.

    What Does Frommer D’Amico Charge?

    If your claim has been denied or your existing benefits are under attack we charge 20% of benefits obtained or preserved. There is no fee if there is no recovery. 

    Confidential Strategic Advice

    Our firm will represent you while you are receiving workers’ compensation and advise you throughout the process at no charge. We don’t just provide one “free consultation” but instead open a file and talk to you regularly about your case and what is happening. We will obtain and review your medical records at our own expense and review them with you to make sure you are getting the treatment you need. We will review any workers’ compensation documents you receive in the mail and advise you about what to do. We will advise you before you go to an IME or IRE. We will review your wage records and benefit rate to make sure you are not being underpaid. We will advise you on unemployment benefits, retirement benefits, Social Security and Medicare. We will make sure you don’t get hurt twice by making a mistake while on Comp. And we can do all this without your employer knowing that you have a lawyer. Call us to learn more.

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    Lower Workers’ Compensation Attorney Fees: Evaluating the Costs

    There are many reasons you might need a workers’ compensation attorney. Perhaps you have questions about a claim or you received a letter and are concerned you may be denied benefits. Possibly you are being asked to return to work before you are healed, or you are facing late checks.

    No matter why you need the services of an attorney, you need to take into consideration the quality of legal help as well as the fees for workers’ comp legal representation you will pay. Find answers to the following questions.

    How Much Will I Gain Working With My Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

    When examining attorney’s fees, consider not just how much you will pay but also how much you can gain by working with an attorney. Workers’ compensation attorneys understand Pennsylvania laws and can work to get you fair benefits. They can also ensure your checks are not late and your benefits are not reduced prematurely. 

    The cost of working with Frommer D’Amico can pay for itself when you consider we may be able to get you benefits when you were denied or we can seek fairer benefits if your employer’s insurer tries to claim you can return to work.

    You need to be able to afford workers’ comp lawyers in order to get legal help, and the attorneys at Frommer D’Amico work to keep the cost of representation reasonable. While most law firms charge case management costs, we do not. If you worry about the expenses of getting legal help, talk to us about your concerns and we will help you understand the financials.

    Get in Touch With Frommer D’Amico to Discuss Our Lower Fees

    To understand the costs and cost benefits, contact Frommer D’Amico today. We can help you understand how much we may be able to secure for you in benefits, how much we can save you by not charging management costs and how much we charge. 

    Since all our attorneys are certified workers’ comp experts, they know how to negotiate and go after the maximum benefits, meaning you may be able to secure far more in benefits by working with us than by trying to negotiate the system yourself. Our no-surprise pricing and commitment to responsiveness and results can help you get the legal representation you need in a way that makes financial sense.

    Get the Compensation You Deserve

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