About our Lower Fees 

My Comp Lawyers is able to offer lower fees by keeping our overhead low and focusing on just work injuries.  Here’s how you will save money with our lower fees:

Free Case Management 

Our firm provides case management services without charging any fee. Our no fee service includes prosecuting Late Check Penalty Petitions, Unpaid Prescription Penalty Petitions, Review of Injury Description Petitions, Review of Impairment Rating Evaluation Petitions and Review of Utilization Review Determination Petitions. Many firms will seek approval of an attorney fee on weekly benefits for the prosecution of these petitions. That means that if you are receiving $500 week in benefits and are charged 20%, you will pay $5,200 per year for legal help with these common issues. At My Comp Lawyers, these petitions are filed at no charge.

Confidential Strategic Advice

Our firm will represent you while you are on Comp and advise you throughout the process at no charge. We don’t just provide one “free consultation” but instead open a file and talk to you regularly about your case and what is happening. We will obtain and review your medical records at our own expense and review them with you to make sure you are getting the treatment you need. We will review any workers’ comp documents you receive in the mail and advise you about what to do. We will advise you before you go to an IME or IRE. We will review your wage records and benefit rate to make sure you are not being underpaid. We will advise you on unemployment benefits, retirement benefits, Social Security and Medicare. We will make sure you don’t get hurt twice by making a mistake while on Comp. And we can do all this without your employer knowing that you have a lawyer. Call us to learn more.