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    Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Help

    At Frommer D’Amico, we provide help for injured workers. We will assist you in all workers’ compensation challenges you are facing. Our team of certified workers’ comp specialist will provide you with the best workers’ comp assistance in PA because they are focused solely on helping injured workers get the money they deserve. Fill out our simple online form for free case management, and check out our full list of our workers’ comp services below.

    We Will:

    • Deal with unpaid medical providers
    • Deal with late check issues
    • Deal with insurance adjusters
    • Deal with nurse case managers
    • Deal with the employer’s vocational expert
    • Obtain a vocational expert for our clients
    • Obtain relevant medical records including family physician records, hospital and treating physician records
    • Deal with prescription medication issues
    • Obtain all records from the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
    • File any paperwork necessary with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to initiate a claim
    • File any responsive paperwork with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation necessary to defend a claim against our clients
    • Obtain the workers’ compensation insurance company file
    • Take care of social security issues
    • Obtain employment records
    • Review payroll records
    • Confirm that our client’s Average Weekly Wage calculation is correct
    • Review medical records
    • Obtain witness statements
    • Attend all hearings before the Workers’ Compensation Judge
    • Prepare written legal arguments for the Workers’ Compensation Judge
    • Prepare our clients to testify
    • Meet with our client’s doctors
    • Take the deposition of our client’s doctors
    • Defend our client at the deposition of the employer’s doctor
    • Take or defend any appeals to the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board, the Commonwealth Court and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

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    How Much Will it Cost?

    Injured workers can benefit from legal advice. However, many injured employees worry about the legal costs they may face by consulting with an attorney. We’ve made sure you don’t have to worry about it. At Frommer D’Amico, we believe that injured workers should not have to struggle to pay legal fees. That is why you will never pay us money out of your worker’s comp check.

    We will manage your case for free.

    Managing your case means having a lawyer, at no charge, to call whenever you have questions. There are thousands of rules in a Pennsylvania workers’ comp case, and you should have an experienced attorney available to advise you of your rights and obligations. There is no need to trust the insurance company or your boss to tell you the truth.  There is no need to lay awake at night worried that you are not being treated fairly or that you are making mistakes because you do not know the law. We are here for our clients. We will review medical records, injury reports, injury descriptions, wage calculations, alternative benefits, and health insurance. We will review your FMLA options and collective bargaining agreement. We will prepare you for both IME’s and IRE’s. And yes, at no charge. A successful end to a work injury claim requires workers to know the rules, avoid mistakes and plan ahead. CONTACT US to get the help you deserve!

    No Recovery, No Fee

    We only get paid if we win benefits for you, stop the insurance company from lowering your benefits in court or settle your case. It’s that simple. Stop worrying about Workers compensation fees in Pennsylvania, and start getting the money you deserve with Frommer D’Amico.

    Are you hesitating to contact an attorney? Are you worried what it might mean for you?

    Confidential Case Management

    Sometimes, our clients want help learning the rules, avoiding mistakes and planning, but they are afraid to “rock the boat.” We get it! We will conduct the case management described above without disclosing our representation. No one needs to know. You will have the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today for confidential and free workers’ comp help!

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