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    Frommer D’Amico is a workers’ comp law firm in PA. Their combined legal experience and their commitment to injured workers provide clients with unparalleled representation in the workers’ compensation arena and makes them the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Pennsylvania. Their history of securing over $50 million in settlements for their clients speaks volumes about their ability to fight for great results. In 2012 the law firm was formed in Harrisburg, PA, allowing the lawyers to practice exclusively in the field of workers’ compensation. Frommer D’Amico only represents injured workers, never employers. Frommer D’Amico is built on the belief that a small, efficient law firm comprised of highly experienced attorneys and paralegals can deliver outstanding legal services to its clients. Don’t settle for inexperienced lawyers who will charge you an arm and a leg. Fill out our online form or give us a call today to get your case managed by experts for free!

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    The partners have founded the firm on six core principles

    These six principles are not merely promises – they are the foundation upon which this firm is built. We believe in our clients and expect to earn the right to have them believe in us as their Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys.  Based out of Harrisburg, we are workers’ comp attorneys for all of central and eastern PA.

    We Specialize In Workers’ Compensation Law

    We are a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law firm. We do one thing and we do it really well. We know workers’ compensation law, the medicine, each insurance company and the judges. We will find the right strategy for the best results.

    We Provide Free Case Management

    There are many problems that require a lawyer’s help while on comp that you should not have to pay for. Late checks, denied prescriptions and incorrect injury descriptions are some examples. We provide case management and will file petitions to address these and other issues at no charge to our clients. We are the best Workers’ Compensation law firm in Pa because we care about our client’s needs.

    We Cover Costs

    Almost all workers’ compensation cases require someone to pay for medical records, doctor’s reports, transcripts and deposition fees. These costs can quickly become very expensive, often totaling thousands of dollars. Many lawyers advance those costs to their clients or even ask their clients to pay the costs up front. We understand that for injured workers on comp, weekly checks are a lifeline, and that they do not have extra income to spare. That’s why, regardless of the outcome of a case, we stand by our clients and cover all costs.

    You Benefit From Experienced Attorneys

    Learning the skills needed to prosecute a workers’ compensation case takes years. Our clients are represented by one of the three partners. They handle each case personally.

    We Educate Clients

    We think questions are good. We take the time to teach the law that applies to your case and answer your questions, however long it takes.

    You Are Assured Direct Access to Partners

    All of our clients have a partner’s cell phone and home phone number with an invitation to call when needed. We know your worries are not 9 to 5. We will be there when you need us.

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