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    Anyone can get injured on the job. Accidents happen every day no matter what industry you work in. From desk jobs to health care facilities to warehouse positions, workers in any field can sustain an injury. You might suffer a setback due to repetitive motion from a task you do over and over again, or your injury may be more sudden, occurring from a traumatic incident such as a car accident or fall.

    When you become injured, you may be eligible to collect workers’ compensation, or benefits that cover part of your wages and your medical expenses. Your employer’s insurance company pays out these benefits, but they often fight claims in an attempt to reduce the amount they have to cover. When you file for workers’ compensation, you may be denied on a technicality, or the insurance company may dispute that you were injured on the job.

    An experienced law firm like Frommer D’Amico can assist you during this time. We’ve worked with many people just like you who got injured on the job and just want the financial support they’re entitled to as they recover. We can aid individuals from any industry in securing the workers’ compensation or settlement they’re entitled to. Our experience and understanding of workers’ comp law mean you can get excellent direction in your case. We’ve guided people in many occupations as they fight for workers’ compensation.

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    Injuries often occur when we least expect them. You can perform an activity you’ve done 100 times before without a problem, and on the 101st time, you break an arm. Just about any task can lead to injury on the job, which is why we assist such a diverse group of employees.

    The types of injured workers we represent come from a range of different industries, including:

    Don’t see your industry on this list? We can still help you — we’ve worked with people across virtually every industry. We want to hear the details of your case to figure out how we can get the best possible outcome for your situation, whether you perform administrative work, operate a forklift in a warehouse or serve as a nurse at a hospital.

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    Frommer D’Amico is a Pennsylvania law firm specializing in workers’ compensation cases. We practice only this type of law, and we do not represent employers — employee cases only. We offer personalized attention to each one of our clients as we get to know them and understand what they need to move forward. We offer low fees and 24/7 accessibility too, meaning you can get ahold of us no matter what time of day it is.

    We can travel to your location for meetings, and we provide free case management and deal with unpaid medical bills for our clients. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation for your case — call us at 717-400-1000 or get in touch online.

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