Hearing loss is a devastating injury that can impact your ability to work and perform everyday activities such as answering a phone. If you have suffered loss of hearing as a result of your work duties, you are generally eligible for workers’ compensation, as long as you belong to a class of workers covered by this insurance. Workers’ comp for hearing loss can include benefits such as:

    • Specific loss award
    • Wage-loss benefits if you cannot work or if you are receiving fewer wages due to your injury and you are injured “separate and apart” from your hearing loss
    • Medical benefits that cover reasonable medical procedures and medical devices related to your injury

    If you have suffered work-related hearing loss, you may wish to contact a workers’ compensation attorney to get advice about your situation. You can always contact My Comp Lawyers if you would like a consultation with one of our certified workers’ comp experts.

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    Can I Get Workers’ Comp for Hearing Loss?

    You should be able to get compensation for hearing loss, but you may encounter several challenges common in these types of cases:

    • Evaluating the extent of hearing loss. There are several tests used to assess hearing loss and its extensiveness, including general screening, tuning fork evaluation and audiometer tests administered by an audiologist. Tests can vary depending on how the diagnosis is reached, and this can create some disagreement between insurers and patients about the extent of hearing loss.
    • Linking hearing loss to work duty. Some insurers will claim hearing loss is a natural outcome of age or is caused by inflammation or other situations not related to work. Since hearing loss in the workplace can often gradually occur due to loud noise, it can be challenging to prove exactly which duties are related to the occupational hearing loss. A workers’ compensation attorney can assist with this.
    • Return to work. Some employers and insurers claim hearing loss does not have an impact on work or on income. It can be valuable to discuss this with a workers’ compensation attorney, to determine whether hearing loss will impact future earnings or on-the-job safety.
    • Getting fair benefits for the loss. Evaluating a specific loss award can be challenging unless you have workers’ compensation experience, and it can be difficult to know how much medical devices can cost. A workers’ compensation attorney can seek fair a fair specific loss award for you and can offer suggestions on medical options.

    Have You Lost Your Hearing on the Job?

    If you have experienced hearing loss due to your workplace, contact My Comp Lawyers to speak to our certified workers’ comp experts about your case. We treat each client with the attention and care they deserve, and our focus is on workers’ claims that are in court or are denied. 

    We help with every area of your claim, from unpaid medical bills to late checks. We are attentive and always available when you need us. Best of all, we believe your benefit money belongs in your wallet, which is why we do not charge to manage your claim if your claim is not in court. This can save you thousands in management fees. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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