Sunbury PA Workers Compensation Attorney for Injured Workers

    One reason many injured workers do not seek the assistance of a Sunbury workers’ compensation lawyer is that they may not be familiar with Pennsylvania laws or may assume there’s nothing they can do. If you have any concerns about your workers’ compensation benefits, contact an injured worker lawyer in Sunbury, PA, by contacting Frommer D’Amico.

    Do You Need Help From a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Sunbury, Pennsylvania?

    If you feel your injury has been minimized, you’re being pressured to return to work before your injury is healed or you are not getting the wage loss benefits or other benefits you should, you need help with your claim. You may also wish to seek a workers’ compensation lawyer’s help in Sunbury, PA, if your employer denies your claim, tries to fire you or seeks to reduce your benefits.

    Contact Sunbury Workers Comp Attorneys

    In all these cases, an attorney can represent you and can seek to negotiate with your employer. Seeing you have Sunbury workers’ compensation lawyers on your side who know the law is often enough to encourage employers to act within the boundaries of workers’ compensation laws. If not, attorneys can seek remedies and appeals through the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board or other means.

    An attorney can also answer any questions you may have. Some workers wonder about filing a work injury lawsuit, especially if their employer was negligent. While such a legal claim allows you to recover for pain and suffering, under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, you will be required to reimburse your employer for at least some of the amount that was paid out in any workers’ compensation claim. A workers’ comp attorney can help you determine whether this is the best course of action for you.

    Are You Seeking Help After Being Injured at Work in Sunbury?

    If you are seeking an attorney for a workers’ comp claim in Sunbury, you will want to work with Frommer D’Amico for three main reasons: results, costs and approach. Frommer D’Amico are attorneys who are certified workers’ comp experts, only take on workers’ compensation claims and only work with injured workers (never the insurance companies). This level of expertise allows the Frommer D’Amico team to secure results other firms simply cannot.

    Frommer D’Amico does not charge case management fees, which can save you up to thousands of dollars on your claim. We also offer free case consultations and handle things such as reviewing injury description petitions, review of Utilization Review Determinations and other issues without additional charges. Our law firm will advise and present you during the workers’ comp process, and we will not charge you the case management costs other firms do.

    Get the Compensation You Deserve

    Best of all, we approach each case with fresh eyes, considering the unique needs of you and your situation and working with you every step of the way. If you’d like to speak to a workers’ comp attorney in Sunbury, PA, contact Frommer D’Amico or call 717-400-1000 for a free consultation.


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