Nerve damage can be one of the most frustrating types of injury because it often occurs over time and is not precipitated by one single incident. Repetitive motions, such as typing or performing the same movement over and over while working on a conveyor belt, can lead to nerve damage.

    This condition can make working your regular job painful. You may suffer every time you move your arm or even when you just sit in a chair. If you get nerve damage you believe is related to your job, you should seek medical attention immediately and also notify your employer of the condition.

    You may have to miss time at work while you recover from the injury, and you may feel reluctant to address the nerve damage because you fear being unable to support your family during this time. Pennsylvania has a system that allows you to take the time you need to recover while still receiving partial compensation from your employer and coverage for your medical care.

    Can I Get Workers’ Compensation for Nerve Damage in PA?

    Yes. Workers’ compensation pays you while you treat your injury. It allows you to take the time you need to get better instead of suffering through discomfort and pain every day on the job. Your employer will be better off in the long run with healthy employees who can do the job correctly. Workers’ comp allows you to take that necessary time to heal.

    Many people associate workers’ compensation with an accident. But people with injuries that build over time, such as nerve damage, are also eligible for these benefits. You do have to prove the nerve damage is caused by your job and didn’t happen as a result of something that occurred outside of work. A PA workers’ comp lawyer can assist you with this.

    What Jobs May Result in Nerve Damage?

    Most often, nerve damage results from repetitive motions you do every day on the job. This might include typing or turning a wrench in the same direction. Twisting your back or lifting heavy loads can also lead to nerve damage. One common form of nerve damage is a condition called sciatica, which often stems from muscle spasms or a herniated disc pressing on your sciatic nerve.

    Jobs that can result in nerve damage include but are not limited to:

    • Administrative and desk jobs that require a lot of typing
    • Manufacturing or construction jobs where you perform the same motions every day
    • Chauffer or other driving jobs

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