Airline and airport workers provide vital services, assisting people in getting to their destinations every day. Vacations and business trips are possible only with their help, but these employees face on-the-job risks unique to their profession. While crashes can lead to serious injuries, we see a lot more airline and airport workers dealing with injuries suffered from safety lapses on the tarmac, loading and unloading accidents and turbulence-induced mishaps.

    If you get hurt on the job, you may be eligible to collect workers’ compensation if you can no longer work due to the injury. Workers’ comp covers a portion of your wages as well as your medical bills. While it often includes injuries that result from a one-time accident, you can also receive compensation for an injury that develops over time, such as a repetitive stress injury or hearing loss.

    What Airline and Airport Employees Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

    We can represent a range of different workers, including:

    • Pilots
    • Flight attendants
    • Baggage handlers
    • Hangar employees — such as shuttle bus drivers and food service workers — and members of the grounds crew
    • Ticketing agents

    Whether you work for a national or regional airline, a municipal airport or a major international hub, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation if you get hurt on the job.

    Injured Airport Workers’ Compensation: What Injuries Are Most Common?

    We’ve seen many types of injuries suffered on the job. A few of the most common include:

    • Sprains and fractures from slipping or tripping on an icy tarmac or moving walkways inside the airport
    • Concussions or lacerations suffered during a bout of turbulence in the air
    • Strains from baggage loading and unloading

    The Challenges of Collecting PA Workers’ Compensation for Airport Workers

    Employees of airports and airlines can file for workers’ comp if they become injured on the job. It doesn’t matter if the injury was your fault — you’re still eligible for workers’ compensation. That said, you’ll need to prove that the injury happened while you were on the job.

    Insurance companies often fight paying out these benefits because it comes at a loss to them. They may claim that you sustained your injury off the job or that you’ve exaggerated your symptoms. Employers try to fight workers’ comp claims by accusing employees of purposely getting hurt to earn time off. If your claim has been denied or you need guidance as you attempt to secure benefits, the attorneys at Frommer D’Amico can help.

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