Refinery workers perform duties that can put them in danger. They often face exposure to toxic chemicals and fumes. When they operate heavy machinery, they can get injured if something malfunctions. Their daily duties put them at risk while working pumps or regulating pipelines.

    If you become injured on the job, you may not know what happens next. Often, employees do not understand workers’ compensation and what it can do for them. Employers are required to provide these benefits to people who get hurt on the job and cannot continue to perform their duties. Workers’ comp covers a portion of your lost wages and medical bills. The program is put in place as a safety net for those who cannot return to their duties.

    Types of Refinery Worker Injuries

    Refinery workers take on a range of duties, many of them carrying inherent risk. While safety should be a priority in any refinery, we know this often is not the case. You may find hazardous conditions, such as water on the floor or incomplete training for working certain machinery. In these instances, your chances of injury rises.

    Some of the most common refinery worker injuries we have seen include:

    • Repetitive stress injuries from working the same equipment day after day, using the same motions
    • Burns from chemicals or fires
    • Sprains, concussions or broken bones from explosions

    You should report your injury immediately to your supervisor and seek medical assistance as soon as possible if any of these things happen to you.

    Challenges to PA Refinery Workers’ Comp

    Insurance companies do not want to pay for workers’ comp. They often fight claims or reject them on technicalities. To receive the benefits that are owed to you, you may have to fight for them. Insurance companies scour your record for evidence that you are faking your injury or that it didn’t occur on the job. You need to maintain exceptional records of your injury and be honest in all your dealings with your employer.

    Refinery workers’ compensation attorneys can assist you as you seek your benefits. Our job is to navigate the drawn-out process of securing workers’ comp with you. Our knowledge and experience can inform your strategies and move you toward the best outcome for your case.

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