Welding is a demanding profession that requires concentration and finely honed skills. Welders often make the final touches during building construction or provide the assistance needed to reinforce safety measures on a project. 

    Welding can be a dangerous job. Welders are exposed to all types of risks, including the possibility of electrocution, burns and even chemical exposure. Some illnesses can develop over time for welders when exposure to dangerous inhalants can lead to long-term lung issues or respiratory infections.

    What Should I Do if I’ve Been Injured While Welding?

    If you have been injured or suffered an illness as a result of welding, you may wonder how you can make a living while recovering. It’s important to know your options. You may be eligible for workers’ compensation, which will cover part of your salary as well as medical bills. 

    To qualify for welding accident workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania, you must inform your employer about your injury within 120 days of its occurrence or within three years of chemical exposure. The sooner you tell your employer, the better. Learn more about welding accidents and how a certified workers’ compensation lawyer can help you get what you deserve.

    Common Welding Injuries 

    When you work with welding equipment, you can get injured in a number of ways. While you should always employ best practices for safety, sometimes that is not enough to protect you from an accident. Here are some of the most common welding injuries:

    • Burns: Welders work with hot metal that can cause burns. Welding can also create sparks that ignite nearby materials, resulting in fires.
    • Electrical shock: While most welders take precautions such as staying grounded while they weld and wearing dry, thick protective equipment, electrical shock is a possibility while on the job.
    • Welder’s flash: The bright UV rays from a welder’s torch can spark arc eye or flash burn. If it’s not treated properly, it can become infected.
    • Parkinson’s disease: Welders are exposed to manganese, a chemical in welding smoke, which can cause early-onset Parkinson’s disease. 
    • Eye injuries: One of the most common types of welding injuries is to the eye. Eye injuries can occur from improper use of safety equipment, flash burns, corneal detachment and more. 

    Contact Welding Injury Compensation Lawyers in Pennsylvania

    If you have been hurt in a welding accident, you may wonder what the next step is and how you can recover the workers’ compensation you deserve. You need an experienced lawyer on your side. As workers’ compensation experts, we have provided personal, individual attention to many people just like you.

    The team at Frommer D’Amico can help. We only take workers’ compensation cases, and never represent employers. Our team can be reached 24/7, and we will travel to you if needed. Our goal is to help the injured worker get what they deserve.

    We charge lower fees and offer free case management. Call 717-400-1000 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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