Lancaster PA Workers Compensation Attorneys for Injured Workers

    Lancaster, PA, workers’ compensation lawyers are not necessary to report a work injury and seek workers’ compensation benefits, but they can be useful when things go wrong. You will especially want to hire a Lancaster workers’ compensation lawyer if:

    • Your wage loss benefits checks are late.
    • You are being offered less than you believe you should receive for specific loss benefits, death benefits or disfigurement benefits.
    • You believe you may be getting less than you should for wage loss benefits.
    • Your workers’ compensation claim is denied.
    • Your employer does not cover you, even though they should.
    • You are asked to co-pay on medical costs needed for your injury.
    • You are told some of your medical costs are not covered.
    • Your benefits are stopped or modified.
    • You are asked to submit to impairment rating evaluations (IREs), independent medical examinations (IMEs) or other evaluations.
    • You are fired.
    • You are asked to go back to your job before your doctor agrees you are clear to return.

    Free Case Evaluation

    If you have any concerns or anything seems wrong, it’s important to contact a Lancaster, PA, workers’ compensation claims lawyer immediately. An attorney can review your medical condition, ensure your employer is following Pennsylvania laws, hire independent experts to strengthen your case, file appeals, litigate or seek a settlement. An attorney will work with you to determine the best way to proceed in your specific case.

    Why Hire a Local Lancaster, PA Workers Compensation Attorney?

    If you need a Lancaster, PA, workers’ compensation lawyer, there are a few reasons you’ll want to consider local attorneys. You will likely need to visit your attorney a few times, which is easier if you’re local. You will not have to pay long distance, drive long distances or consider time differences when you need to contact your lawyer regarding your claim.

    Local attorneys also know local insurance companies, employers and resources. They can help you find the resources you need, and you can be sure they’re recognized by insurance companies and employers in your area. If you have a regional attorney known to insurers and employers for securing benefits and litigating successfully, you may even find that employers and insurance companies quickly become more cooperative.

    Contact Us Today for Help 

    If you have been injured at work and need a local workers’ compensation attorney in Lancaster, PA, contact Frommer D’Amico. Our attorneys are certified workers’ compensation experts who only represent injured workers in workers’ compensation cases. This specialized focus means that each attorney at our firm has extensive expertise in handling every stage of a workers’ compensation claim.

    Frommer D’Amico offers free consultations and free case management, which can save you money since our no-fee services include tasks such as review of injury description petitions, prosecuting late check penalty petitions and several other tasks. This deduction can save you 20 percent of your weekly benefit check, which can equal thousands of dollars overall.

    To speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer in Lancaster, PA, reach out to Frommer D’Amico or call 717-400-1000 for a free consultation.

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