Chambersburg Workers Compensation Attorney for Injured Workers

    To get fair, maximum benefits for work injuries, you may need to work with an experienced Chambersburg workers’ compensation lawyer. Just as you would not try to handle a lawsuit yourself, it may be a bad idea to handle any problems with a workers’ comp claim on your own. Whether you are dealing with a denied claim, late checks or benefits that seem insufficient, contact a Chambersburg workers’ compensation lawyer.

    What to Do If You Have Been Injured at Work

    If you have suffered an injury, call 911 if it’s serious or potentially life-threatening. Report the injury as soon as possible to your supervisor or manager. Your employer may have a specific system for reporting injuries and if this is the case, follow the process. Ensure your employer files a First Report of Injury (FROI) with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, and wait for a denial or acceptance. If you encounter problems, contact a workers’ comp attorney as soon as possible.

    Local Help for Your Chambersburg PA Workers’ Comp Case

    If you have been injured in the Chambersburg area, it’s important to work with a local attorney. They’ll be easier for you to contact, which is important when you have questions. Local lawyers are also more likely to understand local employers and local resources, so they have the knowledge needed to handle your case.

    In addition to locality, you need to think about specialization. Just as you would not go to a cardiologist for a knee ailment, you do not want to go to a generalist or a personal injury attorney for your workers’ compensation claim in Chambersburg, PA. An attorney who has an exclusive focus on workers’ compensation has handled more local claims, has seen and overcome more challenges and is more likely to have successfully resolved cases similar to yours, meaning they may be more likely to have the experience to take on your claim.

    Local, specialized workers’ compensation attorneys in Chambersburg, PA, also have the attention of insurance companies and employers. Defendants in workers’ comp cases know which law firms get big results and which are willing to persist on behalf of clients and have the resources to pursue legitimate claims.

    Contact Chambersburg Workers Comp Lawyers

    Contact Frommer D’Amico Today

    Insurance companies and employers know Frommer D’Amico. Our attorneys have a successful track record and decades of experience, and they’re also certified workers’ comp specialists. In addition, they offer responsive and personalized assistance and representation to all clients. We only take on workers’ compensation cases and only represent injured workers, as this specialized focus allows us to offer the highest caliber of legal advice and representation to our clients.

    Many of our clients are concerned about legal costs. Fortunately, we offer free consultations and free case management, saving our clients thousands of dollars per year. If you would like to speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, contact Frommer D’Amico online, or call us at 717-400-1000 for a free consultation.


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