Sanitation workers have demanding jobs that require physical activity every day. They collect garbage, make sure sewers run free, address pollution in local communities and more. These jobs present many physical challenges, and it is not uncommon for sanitation workers to sustain injuries while they work. Their problems can range from cuts and bruises to more serious issues that force them off the job for days or even months.

    If you are a sanitation worker who has been hurt while working, you may worry about missing work and wonder how you can provide for your family during this time. You may be relieved to know you could be eligible for benefits while you’re out of work.

    Can Sanitation Workers File for Workers’ Compensation?

    Sanitation workers can file for workers’ comp if they have been hurt on the job. Workers’ compensation covers a portion of your wages, as well as your medical bills — including physical therapy. When you get hurt at work, you should report the injury to your employer immediately. You want a record of what happened and how you were injured for when you make your claim. Employers often try to fight paying for these benefits, arguing that workers were hurt off the job.

    You should also go to the doctor to receive a diagnosis and treatment for your injury, establishing a record you can point to during your case. Depending on the injury’s severity, you may have to go to rehab or engage in long-term treatment.

    What Injuries Qualify for Workers’ Comp Claims for Injured Sanitation Workers?

    Sanitation workers face daily dangers in their work. Even when you follow safety protocol, you can become exposed to toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide. You may incur skin infections from the waste you interact with every day. Here are a few other common injury claims for sanitation workers:

    • Respiratory issues
    • Back strain from lifting heavy garbage cans
    • Repetitive motion disorders from performing the same movement over and over

    Also, workers can be injured by garbage truck accidents. If the truck you’re riding on collides with another vehicle or crashes into a barrier, you could break bones or get whiplash or a concussion. These types of injuries are covered under workers’ compensation law.

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