Sustaining a neck injury at work is more common than many people realize. Workplace car accidents, falls from heights, machine injuries and even repetitive stress injuries can lead to painful and debilitating injuries affecting the neck. These injuries can cause pain, blurred vision, tingling or numb sensations in the neck, headaches, and nausea. Injuries to this area can also impact your ability to swallow, move, write, talk or walk.

    What to Do If You Have Sustained a Neck Injury at a Pennsylvania Workplace

    If you have suffered an injury or believe you may have a repetitive strain injury, seek medical help right away. Waiting can result in a spinal cord injury, herniated disks, bulging disks, mobility problems and other serious issues that can even become permanent. If your injury is from a work incident and may be serious, call 911 immediately. If symptoms develop slowly over time, see a doctor and report your injury to your workplace or manager.

    For workplace injuries, you may be required to visit an employer-approved doctor for your injury for the first 90 days of treatment. This is only the case if your employer has publicly made a list available in your workplace with a minimum of six health-care providers on it. You can choose any provider on this list and can switch from one provider on the list to another physician on the list. If your employer has made a proper list available and you do not visit one of the healthcare professionals on the list, your visits may not be covered.

    Will You Get PA Workers’ Compensation for a Neck Injury?

    If your neck injury was caused by a workplace injury or if your work duties caused a condition to develop or to be exacerbated, you may qualify for workers’ compensation. Your neck injury compensation in PA may include, among other benefits, coverage of any necessary and reasonable medical costs related to your work-related injury and wage loss benefits for the time you lose at work due to your injury.

    Has Your Workers’ Compensation Claim for a Neck Injury in PA Been Denied?

    While workers’ compensation is available in Pennsylvania for neck injuries related to work duties, not all eligible workers receive their rightful benefits without difficulties. In some cases, workers are misclassified, or employers fail to pay for coverage required by law. 

    In other cases, an employer’s insurer may delay payments or may claim a neck injury is not covered. In any of these cases or in case of any denial or difficulty with your claim, contact Frommer D’Amico to launch an appeal to a denial or to get legal representation for your claim.

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    If your claim has been denied or you are having any problems getting your neck injury benefits, you need someone with extensive knowledge of Pennsylvania workers’ comp laws. Frommer D’Amico are all certified workers’ compensation experts, and our entire team is dedicated to offering personalized attention to each client. Contact us online for a free consultation or call us at 717-400-1000 today.

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