Willamsport Workers Compensation Attorney for Injured Workers

    You may need a Williamsport workers’ compensation attorney if your claim is denied, delayed or if you encounter other problems. Whether your checks are late or you feel your benefits are not what they should be, contact Frommer D’Amico online for a free consultation or call us at 717-400-1000. Our goal is to make sure injured workers aren’t hurt again by the insurance system.

    Hire a Local PA Attorney for Your Workers Compensation Case

    Frommer D’Amico is local to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, so we’ve gotten to know the community and employers in the region. We know the local court system, too, as well as the resources that can help you if you’ve been injured.

    By working with a local attorney at Frommer D’Amico, you also have easier access to your legal team when you need it. We share the same time zone and business hours, and getting to our law offices is easier because we’re nearby.

    Benefits of Working With Us

    When you work with Frommer D’Amico after an injury, you’re working with a team who specializes in workers’ comp cases. In fact, your Frommer D’Amico attorney is a certified workers’ compensation specialist who only represents injured workers. We never take on other types of cases, and we never represent insurers or employers. The entire focus of our workers’ compensation law firm in Williamsport, PA, is on helping injured workers like you.

    Also, Frommer D’Amico understand the financial pressure you face when you’ve been injured and your ability to work and earn an income is affected — that’s why we don’t charge case management fees. While other firms seek up to 20% for case management tasks such as prosecuting late check penalty petitions, filing unpaid prescription penalty petitions and other services, our no-cost approach to these tasks can save you thousands of dollars.

    Contact Williamsport Workers Comp Attorneys

    Your workers’ comp lawyer in Williamsport, PA, is looking out for you. When you work with Frommer D’Amico, we’ll help you with an appeal if your claim has been denied, gather additional evidence of your injury if the severity of your condition is questioned and represent you every step of the way.

    Your Williamsport, Pennsylvania, workers’ compensation lawyer from Frommer D’Amico is also willing to travel to your home if you cannot meet in our law offices. Whether your checks are denied or you have unpaid medical bills that your benefits do not seem to be covering, our workers’ comp lawyers near you can help.

    We ensure you get the benefits you’re rightfully entitled to and seek to get you the maximum benefits — and it’s not just a matter of financial resources. At Frommer D’Amico, we have seen that having benefits helps workers heal correctly and prevents them from returning to work too soon, where they risk re-injury. We’ll handle the complicated aspects of your claim so you can focus on your health.

    Contact Us for a Free Consultation

    If you need a workers’ compensation attorney in Williamsport, PA, contact Frommer D’Amico online for a free consultation, or call us at 717-400-1000.


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