If you have been injured on the job, you may be worried about how you will support yourself and your family through this difficult time. While workers’ compensation will cover two-thirds of your regular salary in Pennsylvania, as well as repayment for your medical expenses, that still leaves you making less than you did before the injury. Someone whose injury is less severe might consider getting a part-time job to compensate for this lost income.

    But this may leave you wondering, “Can I work a part-time job while on workers’ comp in PA?” The answer isn’t so simple. While you can do this legally, there will be consequences to your decision — and you may decide the part-time job isn’t worth the trade off.

    Can I Get a Part-Time Job While on Workers’ Comp in PA?

    Yes, you can get a part-time job while you are on workers’ comp. But you have to keep in mind several caveats:

    • Remember that you are out of work for a reason. You shouldn’t get a part-time job that involves doing the same thing you do in the job for which you are currently receiving workers’ compensation. It should require less or different movement that won’t hinder your recovery. For instance, if your injury prohibits you from lifting heavy things, then a data entry or administrative desk job would be fine. But you shouldn’t get a part-time job as a mover, since you may exacerbate your injury.
    • You must report the part-time job to your employer that is paying the workers’ comp. The salary you receive from your part-time job will count against your workers’ comp benefits. Your wage loss benefits will be lowered to take this new source of income into consideration. That means the money you receive will count against the benefits you receive.
    • You may be tempted to keep your part-time job quiet, especially if you get money under the table for work for hire. Accepting unreported income could carry a big penalty. In addition to risking your workers’ compensation benefits, you could also face criminal charges for fraud. Instead, if you work part-time while on workers’ compensation, you must be upfront and honest about reporting your earnings.

    Get Advice From an Attorney About Your Case

    The nuances of workers’ compensation law can be confusing. Most people don’t intend to do something dishonest, such as keeping part-time work a secret. They just don’t know the law. That’s why consulting with a workers’ comp lawyer can help you navigate this confusing time.

    Our attorneys are experts in workers’ compensation. It is the only kind of law they practice, in fact. They specialize in these cases, and they can draw on years of experience to advise you on questions such as whether you should take a part-time job. Our lawyers will also drive to wherever you live, which can be helpful for those who sustain serious injuries on the job. Contact us online to set up a free consultation or get in touch by phone at 717-400-1000.


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