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    Our clients can save thousands by not paying any fees for the following legal services:

    1. Correcting your weekly payment amount.

    Workers’ comp carriers often underpay claims by incorrectly calculating how much your weekly checks should be. We will gather your wage info and calculate how much you should be paid. If you are underpaid, we will contact the carrier or even file a petition if necessary to get you the additional weekly benefits that you deserve.  There is NO charge for this.

    2. Handling unpaid or denied medical services.

    Our clients commonly run into medical bills for work related treatment, co-pays, or flat out denials of payment by workers’ comp carriers. At My Comp Lawyers, we commonly find out the problem and fix it.  If necessary, we will file a petition and take the comp carrier to court to get unpaid medical bills paid.  There is NO charge to you for this service at My Comp Lawyers.

    3. Dealing with late checks.

    Worker’s comp carriers seem to send checks out late or stop paying for weeks at a time.  At My Comp Lawyers, we will demand that checks be paid on time and file a petition to penalize the comp carrier if necessary to fix the problem. There is NO charge for this service at My Comp Lawyers.

    4. Strategic Counselling.

    Many of our clients have retained us solely to give them advice regarding how to best keep workers’ comp benefits without violating the law. Many of our clients are worried about making mistakes without even knowing it.  Our clients get tired of relying on the workers’ comp carrier for answers.  You can retain our law firm at NO charge to give you ongoing advice as you treat with your doctors, receive confusing letters, receive documents that require your signature, need medical treatment, etc…  At My Comp Lawyers, we stay in constant contact with our clients. If you want to retain us solely for strategic planning, there is No charge for this service at My Comp Lawyers.

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