When you get hurt on the job, you want things to return to normal as quickly as possible, and that includes returning to your job. Many of our clients enjoy their workplaces and feel frustrated by their medical condition and their inability to perform their duties. They may miss work and the camaraderie they felt there.

    Unfortunately, this situation can sometimes lead to circumstances in which workers try to go back to work before they’re ready, which can prompt various complications. While workers do have an obligation to return to work as soon as possible, too many times, going back early results in complications with the case as well as the individual’s health. Keep in mind that there’s no benefit to returning to work before you’re physically capable of doing the job.

    Can I Go Back to Work During a Workers’ Comp Case in PA?

    Under workers’ compensation law, workers have an obligation to look for work that is within your doctor’s restrictions. There is nothing specific that you need to do other than be available if you find a job that you are able to do or accept a job if you are capable of performing the job requirements. Your employer is not required to offer you normal job to you. A job offer can take many forms, such as:

    • Working fewer hours
    • Working in a different capacity, such as going from field work to a desk job
    • Working with a different setup that takes your injury into account, such as sitting versus standing

    The idea is that you get back to work during your workers’ comp case in PA if you are physically able to do the work. If your employer offers work that your doctor has approved, there is nothing wrong with a show of good faith and prove to your employer that you want to work as much as possible. However, returning to work in a modified duty job can also complicate your case.

    Your employer may try to say that your ability to work in one capacity proves your ability to do so under different conditions. They may pressure you to take on work you’re not physically capable of doing. If you agree to their demands, you could exacerbate your injury and delay the healing process. Generally speaking, employers want you back on the job and will take any opportunity to get you there and convince you to end your workers’ comp case.

    Will Returning to Work Hurt My Workers’ Comp Case?

    Sometimes, returning to work will prove a hindrance in a workers’ comp case if your condition worsens from you getting back to your job. You may also face accusations that you faked your injury to get out of work. Ultimately, you won’t do yourself any favors by returning to work too early in an effort to “be a team player” or decrease any guilt you may feel for the missing time.

    Are you in need of representation for your on-the-job injury? Have you experienced difficulty collecting the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve? If so, contact Frommer D’Amico. We handle only workers’ comp cases, and we can advise you on whether or not you should return to work. Reach out to us right away to set up a consultation by calling 717-400-1000 or getting in touch online.


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