When you walk into a hearing room, you may find that it’s difficult not to feel judged. From what you wear to how you present your case, you’re trying to make a good impression. The judge will take all the evidence in your case and make a decision based on its merits, but you may feel as though the judge’s own temperament and mindset will make just as big a difference.

    Every case depends to some degree on the judge’s mindset no matter what is being decided. Most judges are fair and listen to the evidence. They make their decisions based on what has been presented. Yet their experience will play into how they conduct themselves.

    What Determines Workers’ Comp Judges’ Decisions?

    Every person has biases and beliefs. A good judge can separate their personal opinions from the cases they preside over. They can hear evidence and consider it clearly without being influenced by other factors, such as something in their personal lives.

    But no single person is perfect, and it’s possible that the mindset of a judge will affect your case. This issue may play out in subtle ways. Perhaps the judge had a bad morning and is in a grumpy mood. Or maybe they just received devastating personal news and they feel emotional. While in a perfect world these situations wouldn’t influence their work, we don’t live in a perfect world, so occasionally, claimants seeking workers’ comp decisions must live with this uncertainty.

    When a judge appears to be influenced by their mindset, the best thing for you is to have an alert and responsive lawyer who can note what’s going on and tailor the case accordingly. This ability to switch gears and adjust comes with experience. You need an experienced, savvy attorney who will still command the best outcome for you no matter the judge’s mindset.

    Finding the Right Attorney in Your Workers’ Compensation Case

    Workers’ compensation law is complicated. Being able to recognize the flow in the courtroom and adjust accordingly is a skill developed over a long period. The more workers’ compensation cases a lawyer has been a part of, the greater their flexibility.

    Lawyers also sometimes appear in front of the same judges. They get to know each judge’s tendencies and habits in such cases. This familiarity can be a valuable tool in your workers’ compensation case because you’ll you know what to expect from the judge. The fewer surprises you encounter in the courtroom, the better. You also want a lawyer whose firm has a trustworthy reputation, as this factor is also something a judge will take into consideration.

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