In 2002, I met my lawyer Joe D’Amico at a free seminar on Workman’s Compensation. It turned out to be one of the best moves I made in my life. Joe informed me that he offered a free consultation to explain the Worker Compensation laws and could help me with my case. Before I would call Joe, I would be a nervous wreck. After talking to him, he would always make me feel at ease. And no matter when I called, Joe always returned my calls. He treated me like family. Joe told me not to hesitate to call him with any of my concerns. 

    I bragged to my friends how well Joe treated me. Over the years as some of my friends got hurt on construction, they would ask me for the name of my lawyer, because he sounds too good to be true. It made me feel good to refer them to Joe after everything he did for me. Anyone I referred to Joe was well satisfied with his service. 

    Joe told me it was all about me when going for my settlement, and wanted me to be happy with everything. 

    Over the years, Joe has kept in touch with me, even after my settlement. I have met his other associate, John Frommer, at client appreciation dinners. I ask why do you invite us to dinners and Baseball games, and Joe told me that they want their clients to know they do not forget about them. I would recommend Joe D’Amico and John Frommer to anyone. They know the Workers Compensation laws like the back of their hands. 


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