If you have suffered a work-related injury, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation, which offers you wage loss benefits, medical benefits and more. Workers’ compensation is essential to ensure you do not end up paying for your costs out of pocket after you have been injured on the job.

    Many injured workers find they need to work with a workers’ comp attorney to get to their fair benefits. Here are four ways your workers’ comp attorney can support you after an injury.

    1. Help You Understand What Is Fair

    Navigating the workers’ compensation system can be complicated, especially if you have never been injured before. If you don’t have a lot of experience, it can be difficult to tell which benefits are fair. Your wage loss benefits, for example, are based on your average wage before your injury, up to a specific cap. An attorney can help you be sure your wages were calculated accurately, so you are getting the right amount.

    Your attorney also ensures your injuries are described accurately and that you get the benefits you are entitled to. With more of your lost wages covered, you may face fewer concerns about your finances.

    2. Address Problems That Can Occur

    If you have a legitimate claim, you should get workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, each year seriously injured workers find their benefits are denied or delayed. Maybe you’ve been misclassified, and your employer claims workers’ compensation does not cover you. Or, perhaps your employer has failed to cover you with workers’ compensation insurance as required by law. If these or any other problems arise when you file, a workers’ compensation attorney with knowledge of the law can address these issues and ensure you receive fair treatment.

    3. Assist When Things Go Wrong

    Many things can go wrong, even if your workers’ compensation claim is approved. For example, checks can start coming late in the mail, or your employer may take steps to try to reduce or stop your benefits after you’ve been receiving them for a while. In these cases, a workers’ compensation attorney can investigate the situation, ensuring you’re not forced to return to work too early and that you get your checks on time.

    4. Answer Questions

    You may have a lot of questions about workers’ compensation. For example, you may wonder whether you can be fired for filing a claim or you if you need to see one of the medical providers your employer insists you must see. If your employer-approved medical provider says you can return to work, but you’re still in pain and don’t feel ready, you may have questions about your options. A workers’ compensation attorney can help with these and other situations, explaining the laws to you clearly.

    If you need to speak to a workers’ compensation attorney, contact Frommer D’Amico. Our attorneys are certified workers’ compensation specialists with decades of combined experience.


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