injured at company event

Am I Eligible for Workers’ Compensation if I Get Injured at a Company Event?

You may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you are an employee in Pennsylvania who suffers an injury while attending a company event.  A work injury, in many circumstances, does not necessarily need to occur on the employer’s premises. For example, attending a company sponsored trip to a local amusement park or playing on […]

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opioids and workers compensation

Reducing Your Opioid Medications

We have already written about, and seen in our experience as Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyers, the attacks injured workers in PA can expect from insurance companies on medication.  Litigation is a poor process to bring about changes in medication regimens; nevertheless, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently developed and published guidelines for physicians […]

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physical theraphy and workers compensation

The Benefits of Physical Therapy After an Injury

Pain can destroy your lifestyle.  Our clients often share that their life is forever changed by the injury they experienced at work.  Sadly, Pennsylvania workers’ compensation does not adequately address an injured worker’s pain and suffering.  However, a good physical therapist and/or therapy program can improve your quality of life tremendously. A licensed physical therapist […]

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