What happens if your injured at a work party?

    What Happens If I’m Injured at a Work Party?

    Work parties offer the chance to build camaraderie among colleagues and teams, allowing employees to build lasting friendships and employers to boost company morale. But what happens if the fun abruptly ends when an employee has a little too much to drink, or a friendly competition during a party game turns intense? If you sustained […]

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    9 Ways Truck Driving Puts Your Health at Risk

    Ways Truck Driving Puts Your Health at Risk

    9 Ways Truck Driving Puts Your Health at Risk In 2020, the Bureau of Labor reported there were more than 1.9 million truck drivers employed in the U.S. Truck driving is an essential industry, helping stimulate the economy and move crucial supplies and products across the country. Drivers can see several parts of the country, making […]

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    common laboratory accidents

    Common Laboratory Accidents

    Updated on 06/17/2024 From corporate chemical companies to medical labs to educational settings, lab accident statistics show that safety concerns and unfortunate incidents in laboratories are entirely too common. Even if many lab workers feel safe in the laboratory, close examination can reveal some form of negligence on the part of a supervisor or employer. […]

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    top 10 hazards in a building site

    10 Top Hazards in a Building Site

    Nearly 6.5 million people go to work at approximately 252,000 construction sites across the U.S. each day. On the job, these construction workers face a wide range of occupational safety hazards. Their heavy equipment and job site conditions can create dangerous situations that require careful navigation. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the fatal injury rate […]

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    Injuries That Are Common for Female Workers

    Women face some unique challenges in the workplace despite incurring fewer workplace fatalities overall. In 2015, 344 women in the United States suffered fatal injuries in the workplace, compared to 4,492 men. They also faced lower risks of fatal falls and fatal contact with equipment. The most common work injuries for women include: Transportation injuries: For both men […]

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