Most Frequently Violated OSHA Standards

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal agency charged with ensuring that employers provide safe, healthy working conditions for their employees. OSHA develops and enforces a set of standards that employers must follow. Violations can result in financial penalties, and in some cases, criminal prosecution. What Are the Top OSHA Violations? OSHA […]

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    cold-weather safety tips for outdoor workers

    Cold-Weather Safety Tips for Outdoor Workers

    The onset of winter in Pennsylvania typically means several months of cold, snowy weather — which can create hazardous conditions for employees. Snow, ice and freezing temperatures can pose a significant risk to outdoor employees who face exposure to the elements. Even individuals who work in factories, stores, offices and other temperature-controlled environments cannot escape […]

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    Most dangerous industries in Pennsylvania

    Most Dangerous Industries to Work in PA

    American workers are, by and large, relatively safe on the job. Unlike some other countries, federal and state laws in the United States provide protection for workers, and federal agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) include inspectors who regularly visit industries across the country to make sure employers comply with OSHA regulations about workplace […]

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    How Worker Fatigue Impacts Your Risk of On-The-Job Injury

    We’ve all had a night of tossing and turning that leads to some tired moments on the job the next day. Have you noticed how easy it is to lose your concentration when you’re tired? Or misunderstand directions? When you feel fatigued at work, you are more prone to mistakes, and that can have serious […]

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    The Most Common Summer Seasonal Job Injuries

    Summer brings warm weather, fireflies, barbecues and seasonal jobs for many high school and college students and others who gain employment at parks and pools that are only open in the summer. While many workers enjoy their jobs and the fun of working outside, they also run the risk of sustaining summer job injuries. Here’s […]

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