In 2016, the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation had 159,170 work-related illness and injury cases reported, representing a 7,000-case decline from the year before. Work-related fatalities, however, were 77 in 2016, an increase of 12 compared to 2015. The two industries with the most injuries in 2016 were Trade, Transportation and Utilities (26% of all reported workplace injuries) and Educational and Health Services (28.1% of all reported injury and illness cases).

    Common Workplace Accidents

    No matter what sector you work in, you may face injuries. The most common workplace injuries in Pennsylvania include the following.

    1. Overexertion

    According to the National Safety Council, overexertion caused by repetitive motions or heavy lifting represents 33.54% of workplace injuries. You can help prevent overexertion by taking small breaks often, especially when you are completing repetitive tasks. Always confirm that you can safely manage the weight of an object before trying to lift it, and lift slowly, using your legs to push up. Avoid reaching, twisting or bending as you lift. If something is too heavy, get someone to help, or use equipment like a dolly or lift.

    2. Falls

    Falls on the same level or from a height represent 25.8% of workplace injuries according to the National Safety Council. You can reduce your risk by keeping your work area clean and by reporting any spills, uneven flooring, debris or other tripping hazards as soon as you notice them. When you’re climbing to a height, use a sturdy ladder and ensure that it’s on an even surface. If possible, have someone spot you and hold the ladder steady.

    3. Impact From Equipment or Objects

    Nationwide, equipment- and object-related contact in the workplace accounts for 26% of injuries. These types of accidents in the workplace happen when material, equipment or machinery falls on a worker or an employee gets stuck or trapped in a piece of equipment. These injuries can also occur when workers fall against objects or objects crash into them.

    You can reduce your risk by storing heavy materials, objects and equipment close to the ground. You can also wear the safety equipment needed and stay alert to any moving machinery or objects while on the job.

    4. Transportation Accidents

    Transportation accidents led to 61 fatal injuries in Pennsylvania workplaces in 2016. Workers operating any transportation equipment or vehicle as part of their work duties will want additional training to reduce their risk. Staying alert and getting plenty of rest can also reduce collisions caused by distraction or fatigue.

    Do You Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

    If you are an employee and have been injured on the job or developed an illness because of your work duties, your employer’s workers’ compensation coverage should cover you. If you’ve sustained a workplace injury, you’ll need to report the injury to your workplace supervisor.

    Should you need help getting your rightful benefits, you can always contact Frommer D’Amico for a free case evaluation. With low fees and free case management, our goal is to help you get more of the benefits you’re entitled to. Our firm represents only workers, never employers. If you’ve been injured, you can also call Frommer D’Amico at 717-400-1000 for a free consultation.


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