workers comp and cash benefits

    Adequacy of Cash Benefits: Don’t Be Limited

    Insurance carriers and employers seek any and every way to limit, modify, suspend, or terminate benefits payable to injured workers under Pennsylvania law. The limitation or terminate of workers compensation benefits can surface in many forms.  How Insurance Carriers or Your Employer May Try to Limit or Suspend Your Workers Comp Benefits CALCULATION OF AVERAGE […]

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    reporting work injuries pa

    Discouraging the Report of Injuries: Don’t Be Fooled

    Insurers and employers know that to truly save money, they must discourage the reporting of injuries.  The report of an injury is the first step in the process of obtaining benefits.  Under Pennsylvania law, a failure to report an injury within 120 days may relinquish your right to compensation; as a result, it is hard […]

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    workers comp case denied

    Increased Denials of Valid Claims: Don’t Be Lulled

    When you are an injured worker one of the last things you want to see is the Notice of Compensation Denial. Throughout the worker’s compensation claim process if you aren’t being represented by a workers compensation specialist, insurance companies may try to use strategies that end up making you fully responsible for your medical bills. If […]

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