termination of workers comp benefits

    Termination of Workers’ Comp Benefits

    Free Case Review I Need Help With My Appeal Have your workers’ comp benefits been cut off even though you remain injured and out of work? This confusing and upsetting development can occur for Pennsylvania residents receiving compensation for the injury they received on the job. What does the suspension of workers’ comp benefits mean? […]

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    Will Workers’ Compensation Cover Plastic Surgery?

    When you get hurt at work, you may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits that cover part of your salary and your medical bills stemming from the injury. But what, exactly, can those medical bills include? Depending on the circumstances of your injury, you may sustain scarring, burns or other injuries that alter your […]

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    how to report workplace violence

    How to Report Workplace Violence

    If you asked most people to describe violence in an everyday setting, they would probably describe a physical assault — an occasion when one person tried to hit or strike another person. Workplace violence, however, covers a much broader range. Violence in a workplace setting includes any time when a person is threatened, abused, intimidated […]

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    Common Employer Defenses Against Workers’ Compensation Claims

    All Pennsylvania employers are required to provide workers’ compensation for their full- and part-time employees as well as seasonal workers. Workers’ compensation benefits cover part of your salary and your medical bills if you become injured on the job. But while you may be entitled to these benefits, employers don’t generally want to pay them. […]

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    How Do I Find a Doctor to Treat My Workers’ Comp Injury?

    Seeking medical treatment for a work-related injury should be one of your first steps after you get hurt. To seek workers’ compensation, you will need medical documentation explaining your injuries and why you can’t work as you recover from them. You’ll need thorough records from your examinations. You should head to the closest emergency room […]

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