find the right physical therapist to help you

    How to Find the Right Physical Therapist to Help You After a Work Injury

    If you’ve been injured on the job, and you’ve been awarded workers’ compensation, it’s likely that one of the medical treatments that you will receive will be physical therapy. Doctors frequently prescribe a course of physical therapy for injured workers for a variety of injuries such as back pain, an injured leg or arm, or […]

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    Workers’ Compensation and Medical Marijuana in PA

    Marijuana, also known as cannabis, consists of, among other substances, CBD and THC. THC allows individuals to experience mind-altering sensations and also provides some benefits, while CBD provides medical benefits such as muscle relaxation without the psychoactive impact. Marijuana may be used for medical treatment for a variety of conditions, but the rules surrounding medical […]

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    returning to work after workers' compensation

    Tips for Returning to Work After Workers’ Compensation

    For workers injured on the job, their primary goal is to return to work. While some injuries make that impossible, injured workers often want to return to the job because work help gives them meaning and purpose. Workers’ compensation is very helpful for covering financial and medical costs while injured, but workers’ comp doesn’t take […]

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    injured on the job

    Workers’ Compensation Surgery

    Free Case Review If you have suffered a severe workplace injury, a physician may recommend surgery that can improve your medical condition. Surgery and recovery time will lead to time away from work. You may also be concerned about whether workers’ compensation benefits will approve and cover your surgery.  To determine whether surgery is the […]

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    opioids and workers compensation

    Reducing Your Opioid Medications

    We have seen in our experience as Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyers, the attacks injured workers in PA can expect from insurance companies on medication.  Litigation is a poor process to bring about changes in medication regimens; nevertheless, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently developed and published guidelines for physicians regarding the prescription of […]

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