ways to stay happy at work



    No one loves their job every minute of every day — and for some workers, learning how to be happy at work is a journey with some challenges. Luckily, happiness at work is an achievable goal for most. For many workers, bringing joy into the workplace is possible with these tips:

      • Be positive. If you wake up thinking the day will be good and hold on to that positive energy, you are more likely to face a better day. How likely is your day to be happy if you can’t even imagine it will be a pleasant experience?


      • Work smarter, not harder. Find ways to be efficient at work so you don’t have to spend more time working than you have to. Consider taking extra training in your field so you know how to use the latest technology and can get through work with reasonable effort.


      • Keep personal problems away from work. If you are having problems with any personal areas of your life, avoid bringing those issues to work. They can distract you from your job and can make it harder for you to enjoy your work. If you are struggling to resolve problems and find yourself distracted, consider getting help.


      • Stay organized. Trying to find that report or missing a deadline at work is stressful and can create tension with your coworkers. Stay on top of work tasks with a planner and calendar and keep your work area clean.


      • Challenge yourself. Work is unlikely to be exciting if it doesn’t pose some opportunity for growth or fun. Consider creating small competitions for yourself to see whether you can get a specific task done by a set time or to see if you can improve your work performance by a few percent every week. Don’t forget to reward yourself when you win.


      • Keep yourself healthy. Getting proper sleep, exercising and eating well ensure you are at your physical best, which helps you feel better overall. If you are tired or unwell, sitting at your desk or working can be more draining than it has to be and is unlikely to feel very rewarding.


      • Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself when you reach a milestone or even make it through a busy week. A small gift, a good book, a one-day road trip or something else to look forward to will make the work week fly by faster. You may even associate your fun activities with work after a while.


    • Focus on safety. You can’t be happy at work if you are worried about being hurt on the job. Get the training you need to be safe in your workplace and be sure to wear any safety devices you need for your work. If you notice any safety violations, report them right away.

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