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    improve workplace relationships

    Positive workplace relationships keep employee morale high, encourage a company to pull together as a team and can even ensure low turnover by ensuring workers don’t want to leave due to tension in the workplace. Building strong relationships in the workplace takes a little effort, but it is worth it.

    To improve workplace relationships, follow these simple tips:

      • Smile. Being approachable and smiling helps others at work know you are friendly and can make them feel more comfortable. A workplace where workers smile at each other can also be more pleasant.


      • Say “hello” to everyone you pass. When you walk around the workplace, it takes almost no effort to greet team members as you pass by. As with smiling, it creates a cordial environment.


      • Have staff events. Individuals feel more comfortable when they know each other on a personal level, so having events where colleagues can get to know each other can be helpful. Staff events can range from simple staff socials to more structured team-building events. Working together to arrange special events shows you want to make an effort to get to know everyone.


      • Avoid gossip and harmful behaviors. It can be tempting to pass on the information you have heard, but gossip can be harmful and can create a tense environment. Inappropriate jokes, pranks and disruptions can also create friction and should be avoided.


      • Work on your social skills. If you work on your own social skills, you will become better equipped to deal with social interactions and with any potential awkwardness. With the right skills, you’ll be able to create a welcoming environment in any workplace. There are many videos, books and courses to teach you how.


      • Get everyone working together. If your workplace has teams working on projects, try to vary the teams so everyone gets to work together and gets to know one another. Another option is to create a company-wide project to encourage everyone to pull together. Whether it’s creating a float for an annual city parade or running a marathon as a company or planning a big party, planning something special brings people together.


      • Put away devices. If you are always in front of a device, it may be more intimidating for people to approach you. Putting away devices at work is safer because it reduces distraction and it gives you a chance to get to know your colleagues.


      • Set aside time for coworkers. It takes an effort to socialize with your team members, so put it on your work calendar. Each day, set aside fifteen minutes or more to get to know someone at your workplace or to spend time with coworkers.


    • Make people feel appreciated. One of the easiest ways to make workplace relationships flow smoothly is to appreciate one another and celebrate successes. Say “thank you” when coworkers do something kind for you and compliment them when they go out of their way or do something well at work. Consider regular worker appreciation events or awards to celebrate each other. 

    Creating workplace relationships starts with individuals and leaders working together. Both large and small efforts can mean a big impact on the friendliness of your company.


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