how to stay positive in stressful work situations


    Stressful work situations can occur for many reasons. There may be significant changes in your workplace, such as new management, or you may be stressed due to an increased workload or an interpersonal conflict. No matter what is causing stressful conditions, there are several things you can do.

    Frommer D’Amico has put together these tips on staying positive through stressful work situations to help you manage your emotional state during this difficult time:

    • Get Plenty of Sleep: If you are facing a stressful environment at work, sleep is essential. It helps you stay less anxious and not tired on the job. If you’re having trouble sleeping due to stress you are facing at work, it may be time to talk to a counselor or doctor to ensure your work situation does not impact your health.
    • Eat and Exercise Right: Take good care of your physical self to reduce the risk you might get ill because of the stress. Exercise can also be a great stress reliever, serving as a way for you to work off excess anger regarding your situation. Eating incorrectly can help you balance your emotions, too. Whole foods and plenty of vegetables can at least help you feel better physically.
    • Build a Support Network: No one can handle stressful situations entirely by themselves, and work stress can be especially challenging to manage. Talk to friends, family and loved ones about your situation. Just make sure you’re not breaking any non-disclosure or employment agreements while you speak. If you have signed contracts, you may wish to talk to a licensed therapist or counselor instead.
    • Be Proactive in Revising Your Resume: When things go badly at work, it can be tempting to think about changing jobs. Even if you’re not serious about seeking out another position right now, updating your resume and considering possible career moves can help make you feel less helpless by showing you there are other options out there for you. If the worst does happen and you find the situation unbearable, you’ll at least be ready for the job market.
    • Avoid the Temptation to Overwork: Avoid trying to overcompensate for a stressful work environment by working excessively long hours. Not only is it an unreasonable strain on your physical health and relationships, but it may not help you resolve the situation and is more likely to add to your stress. Instead, ask for help or leverage some of your work so you’re working reasonable hours.
    • Find Your Higher Purpose: Consider why you do the job you do. Celebrate small wins and focus on how your job positively impacts others. Are you helping customers find their best products or services? Are you making a difference in your industry? If possible, gather compliments you have received or positive work reviews to make yourself feel more positive about the situation.

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