Are you moving and wondering how relocating might affect your workers’ compensation? 

    Based on the law, your workers’ compensation case should be unaffected by your move, though some circumstances may complicate your case. 

    Since moving involves physical activity, some employers may try to prove fraud. These employers will often hire an investigator to observe you and look for proof that you’re not hurt, or that your injuries would not prevent you from working. If they take photos or videos of you doing strenuous tasks during the moving process, their evidence could jeopardize your claim. Beyond this concern, there are other ways moving could affect your workers’ compensation case. 

    Will Moving Impact My Workers’ Compensation Case?

    Whether moving impacts your benefits may depend on how far you move and the area where you relocate. Pennsylvania’s reimbursement system for medical providers who treat injured workers and requirements regarding potential employment make it more challenging for you to get the care you need. If you leave the state or travel outside of a reasonable radius, proving your case could become harder. Also, you must be able to prove that you moved for a reason apart from removing yourself from the workforce.

    Your employer and their insurance provider do not have to pay the full amount a medical provider charges. Instead, they pay a proportional amount set by law. Pennsylvania physicians must accept this rate, but out-of-state physicians can charge a higher fee, making it difficult to pay for your care.

    Often, an employer tries to prove that an injured worker qualifies for alternative employment opportunities. To do this, an employer finds examples of work the claimant could perform in the area where their injury occurred. If you move far away, your employer can allege that you voluntarily removed yourself from the workforce. You may have to justify your move to refute these claims.

    How to Make Sure You Get Your Workers’ Comp Checks While Moving

    If you are unable to work, late workers’ compensation checks can cause various issues. What if you forget to change your address and don’t receive a check at all? Here’s how to ensure you get the benefits you’re entitled to:

    • Research state laws before deciding to move to a specific area.
    • Consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer to prepare for any mishaps with your employer.
    • Contact the insurance adjuster about your address change or inform your lawyer, who can take care of the necessary forms.
    • Ask your attorney to help you find a medical provider who will accept Pennsylvania workers’ comp rates or find a compensation solution. 

    Moving While on Workers’ Comp

    Sustaining a work-related injury and moving are stressful circumstances. Taking care of yourself is important, and so is seeking out the appropriate resources to help you cope with those stresses. If you’re feeling financial pressure or have specific questions about moving while on workers’ comp, an attorney can offer expertise and advice. 

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