7 Signs It's Time to Leave Your Job


    If you’ve been working at the same company for years or even decades, it can be hard to leave. You’ve put in the effort to advance and you’ve likely made friends and gotten to know the workplace. It can be intimidating to make a big change, and it can even be a challenge to know when to quit your job and to evaluate whether you need a change in the first place.

    7 Signs It's Time to Leave Your Job

    Whether you have been wondering about new opportunities or have a sneaking suspicion the time has come, consider these signs you need a new job:

      1. Dreading Getting Up for Work Each Morning

        Nobody loves their job all the time, but if you hate it so much that the new week or the new day fills you with dread, this is an important red flag to consider. Do you ever feel happy to be going to work? Do you ever look forward to any part of your job? If the answer is “no,” consider what positions might be fulfilling and might make you happy.

      2. Not Liking Anyone at Work

        Your co-workers shape your work environment. Are they supportive and encouraging, or negative and intrusive? Do you feel heard and like part of the team? What are the office politics like? If your work environment is toxic, consider whether you can make any changes to the people you interact with or whether there are other work opportunities where you can actually find team members you like.

      3. Not Doing the Job You Were Hired For

        Being hired for one set of tasks and ending up with different duties can be confusing and disappointing, affecting your career opportunities later and impacting your satisfaction with your job. If you’re doing work you’re not qualified or trained for, the outcome can be even worse, as it could put you at risk of a work-related injury.

      4. Complaining a Lot About Management

        Do the people who oversee your work help you do your best, or do they deprive you of control and make you unable to execute your tasks?

      5. Complaining About the Environment

        If you are always complaining about work and have nothing positive to say at all, you may be unhappy at your job and ready to move on.

      6. Injuries or Near-misses

        Many people considering leaving their job do so because they are unhappy, but you will want to consider the safety of your workplace, too. Are people being injured or are they experiencing near-misses due to faulty equipment, a poorly maintained environment or unsafe work practices? You should not have to work in an unsafe environment.

      7. Not Getting Anywhere

        If you are routinely passed over for promotion and don’t feel you’re making any contribution or are being overlooked when you are, it can be frustrating to put in your best effort.

        While none of these signs is a definite reason to resign, they can get you thinking about your work environment. You spend a significant portion of your time at work, so it makes sense to want a generally positive experience while you’re there.

    Should You Quit Your Job?

    No one can tell you when it’s time to quit your job, but if you’re thinking about it, at least consider the quality of your environment and how you spend your time at work. If you’ve been injured and are worried about how quitting will impact workers’ compensation or you have any questions about workers’ comp, contact Frommer D’Amico for a free and confidential consultation.


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