Can You Go on Vacation While on Workers’ Compensation?

    Yes, you can go on vacation with an open workers’ compensation case or while you receive benefits. Traveling, though, may complicate your case. Whether taking a vacation is advisable depends on your trip and individual circumstances. 

    If you’re not working because of an injury, your time away from work might seem like a great time to go on vacation with your family. Before you make your reservations, consider how a trip could impact your workers’ compensation case. 

    Will Going on Vacation Impact Your Workers’ Compensation?

    Can you travel on workers compensation? Presenting evidence that you’ve gone on vacation during your case can help an insurance company discredit your injury. They may claim that your travel plans are proof that you can work. 

    Missing and rescheduling medical appointments jeopardizes your case. If you take a long trip where you have to shuffle your care or skip it altogether, your case manager may doubt your injury. Brief trips that allow you to attend all appointments are less likely to interfere with your case.

    The most important consideration before going on vacation is your medical provider’s advice. If your doctor has cautioned you against various behaviors, avoid making plans that go against their orders. Strenuous activities like hiking and mountain climbing are inadvisable. Planning a more relaxing vacation is a safer choice. Still, travel arrangements like spending hours in a plane or car can also imply that certain injuries are not as severe as you’ve alleged. 

    Keep in mind that insurance companies may send investigators to gather evidence of possible fraud. Those insurance companies can use their investigators’ photos and videos of you enjoying rides at a theme park or playing golf at a resort against you.

    If you choose to go on a trip, practice caution when you post on social media. Insurance companies can use anything you make publicly available as evidence of fraud. 

    Navigating Workers Comp and Vacation Pay

    In most cases, any vacation pay you’re eligible for gets deducted from your ongoing workers’ compensation payments. This policy prevents you from receiving vacation or holiday pay on top of your workers’ compensation checks.  In some cases, you can collect both where employees earn accrued benefits, liked paid time off (PTO) or have a cash value when unused.

    Members of unions who have a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with their employer may collect vacation pay while on workers’ compensation. CBAs often control how an employee’s vacation pay is credited against their benefits. Navigating your vacation policy on workers’ compensation can be challenging. Your attorney can identify any relevant agreements.

    Contact Frommer D’Amico

    Having an open workers’ compensation case and going on vacation are not mutually exclusive. Traveling while receiving benefits is less advisable in some situations, but each claimant’s circumstances are different. 

    If you want to take a vacation while on workers’ compensation, the best plan of action is to consult an attorney. Lawyers who specialize in workers’ compensation cases have the expertise to advise you based on Pennsylvania workers’ compensation policies and your circumstances. At Frommer D’Amico, we offer the outstanding support you need during your case. 

    Our legal team can offer our expertise on whether going on vacation will affect your case. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. You can reach our office by calling 717-400-1000 or filling out our online form.    


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