Workers Comp for Warehouse Distribution and TruckersGetting Workers Compensation as a Warehouse Distribution or Trucking Employee

Trucking and warehouse worker injuries are among the two most common workplace-related injuries in this country. Truckers spend long hours on the road in very large vehicles, where accidents can cause catastrophic injury. In addition, the strain of sitting all day and performing repetitive tasks can be a risk factor.

Warehouse workers also need to sit and stand all day and often need to perform repeated motions or lift heavy objects. Warehouse employees also work with heavy machinery such as trucks and forklifts, which can cause serious workplace accidents.

Warehouse and Truckers Workers’ Compensation

Truck and warehouse injuries can happen for many reasons. They can be caused by accidents, by stressed and rushing employees or a mistake on the part of the employer. No matter who was at fault, Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws allow injured workers to seek benefits for these workplace injuries. Benefits help pay for some of the cost of lost wages as well as all reasonable bills. In cases where an injury was fatal, benefits can pay final memorial expenses, too.

One of the challenges with securing warehouse and trucking workers’ comp benefits, however, is that in Pennsylvania some employers try to evade paying for this insurance by misclassifying their workers. Across the state, employers are required by law to pay for this coverage on behalf of their workers. When a worker is injured, they cannot sue their employer if they accept workers’ compensation benefits. This process is meant to ensure injured workers get benefits promptly and that employers are protected from costly legal action.

Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania, employers do not get workers’ compensation coverage for independent contractors and some employers misclassify their warehouse workers and truck drivers as independent contractors to avoid having to pay workers’ compensation benefits and to avoid state overtime laws. If you have been incorrectly classified, a workers’ compensation attorney may offer you legal advice and may file a personal injury lawsuit against your employer.

Contact a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are a warehouse worker or a truck driver and you were injured on the job or a medical condition you have was aggravated by the job, you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. This is the case even if your employer claims the injury was caused by your own actions. If you have been misclassified by your employer or if your employer tries to keep you from getting your rightful benefits, you may have legal options. Contact a workers’ compensation attorney to find out more.

If you have been injured at work, you can always contact My Comp Lawyers to speak to a team of workers’ compensation specialists. Our team has handled thousands of workers’ comp cases and we never charge you for consultations or case management, meaning more of your benefits end up in your bank account.