carpal tunnel and workers comp

Is carpal tunnel syndrome covered under Pennsylvania workers’ comp?

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the palm of the hand, becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist. One of the questions we commonly hear from clients is “can I get workers compensation for carpal tunnel?” More recently, the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome has been a point of contention.  However, it has long […]

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workers comp and job protection

Does workers’ comp protect my job position and benefits?

No, the Pennsylvania Worker’s Comp Act does not include any protection of your job title, employment benefits or even a job with your employer. Rather, you are entitled to wage loss checks when you are out of work for the injury or when you are in a lower paying job because of the work injury.  […]

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can I be fired for claiming workers comp

Can my employer offer me a different job after a work injury?

Yes,  Even though your Employer has no legal obligation under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Act to find you work or offer a job after a work injury, your Employer’s insurance company often encourages your Employer to offer you a job so that the insurance carrier can stop or lower your workers’ comp checks.  A job […]

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pa workers compensation benefits

Does Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Fulfill Its Obligation to Injured Workers?

Recently, the federal government issued a report analyzing state workers’ compensation systems all over the country to determine whether these systems meet the needs of injured workers.  The report warns:  Working people are at great risk of falling into poverty. Insurance companies are experts at manipulating the system against injured workers.  Over the years, Pennsylvania […]

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