returning to work after workers' compensation

    Tips for Returning to Work After Workers’ Compensation

    I Want to Talk to an Attorney For workers injured on the job, their primary goal is to return to work. While some injuries make that impossible, injured workers often want to return to the job because work help gives them meaning and purpose. Workers’ compensation is very helpful for covering financial and medical costs […]

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    chronic regional pain syndrome

    Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome

    If you suffered an injury on the job that would normally heal relatively quickly, but you continue to suffer intense pain long after the healing process should have ended, you might be suffering from a more serious condition known as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). CRPS might be something that you’ve never heard of, but […]

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    why you should hire a workers comp attorney

    Should I Hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney? – When to Get a Lawyer for Workers’ Compensation

    Free Case Review We Are Here to Help – Contact Us After suffering an injury in the workplace one of the first questions you may have is, “When should I hire a workers comp lawyer?” You may also wonder if an attorney is necessary, what assistance they can provide and how much it will all […]

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    what happens with workers comp if you quit?

    What Happens With My Workers’ Comp If I Quit My Job?

    Table of Contents:  Employment Status and Your Workers’ Compensation Claim  Infographic – What Happens if I Quit?  When You Shouldn’t Quit  When You Should Consider Quitting  Forced Resignation: What Is It?  Exceptions You Should Know About If You Already Quit  Before You Quit Your Job Free Case Review It’s a question that every worker with […]

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    workers comp services

    Top 4 Services That We Do Not Charge For

    Our clients can save thousands by not paying any fees for the following legal services: 1. Correcting your weekly payment amount. Workers’ comp carriers often underpay claims by incorrectly calculating how much your weekly checks should be. We will gather your wage info and calculate how much you should be paid. If you are underpaid, […]

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